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Descubriendo los pueblos más bonitos de Mallorca

¿Listo para dejarte seducir por el encanto mediterráneo de Mallorca? Nuestra isla balear es conocida por sus playas de ensueño, su deliciosa gastronomía y su vibrante vida nocturna. Pero, más allá de la capital, Palma, y los populares destinos turísticos, la isla esconde una serie de pueblos pintorescos que son verdaderos tesoros por descubrir.

Diana Pons | 25 de September de 2023

Discovering Mallorca's Most Beautiful Villages

Ready to be charmed by the Mediterranean beauty of Mallorca? Our Balearic island is known for its dreamy beaches, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. But beyond the capital, Palma, and the popular tourist destinations, the island hides a series of picturesque villages that are true treasures waiting to be discovered.

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de September de 2023

Discovering Mallorca's Most Beautiful Villages

Ready to be charmed by the Mediterranean beauty of Mallorca? Our Balearic island is known for its dreamy beaches, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. But beyond the capital, Palma, and the popular tourist destinations, the island hides a series of picturesque villages that are true treasures waiting to be discovered.

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de September de 2023

Water Sports and Activities You Can Enjoy in Mallorca

Water, with its vastness and mystery, has fascinated humanity since time immemorial. But beyond its beauty and essential role in life, water also offers endless opportunities for entertainment, adventure, and physical activity. And this is where water sports come into play.

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de September de 2023

Typical Gifts and Souvenirs from Mallorca Perfect for Taking Home

If you've ever visited or plan to spend a few days in Mallorca, you'll already know that it's a place filled with beauty and unique culture, history, and traditions. And one of the best ways to remember your visit and all the experiences you've had here is by taking home or gifting to your loved ones upon your return, one of the many typical gifts...

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de September de 2023

Dear foodie: these are the Michelin-starred restaurants in Mallorca you can't afford to miss

Mallorca is a gem of the Balearic Islands, renowned for its natural beauty, dreamy beaches, and cultural heritage. However, this island is also a paradise for food enthusiasts, including those who appreciate haute cuisine.

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de September de 2023

The most beautiful beaches in Mallorca

August is the month when beaches come to mind. Are you thinking of a trip to a place near the sea? Mallorca is always a great option. The largest of the Balearic Islands has many beautiful beaches you cannot miss if you plan on spending a few vacation days in Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de August de 2023

5 golf courses in Mallorca that you can’t miss if you love the sport

Today we will talk about a true paradise for golfers: Mallorca. This beautiful Spanish island in the Mediterranean is known for its stunning scenery, warm climate and, most importantly for us, its exceptional golf courses.

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de August de 2023

10 typical Mallorcan meals: discover all the flavors of our gastronomy

Suppose you plan to spend a few days in Mallorca, our beloved Balearic island. Besides our coves and beaches, you cannot miss the Mallorcan gastronomy in its purest essence. With its Mediterranean influence, our cuisine is rich in fresh and local products from the sea and the mountains.

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de August de 2023

What to see in Pollença, Mallorca

Located in the north of Mallorca, the picturesque town of Pollença is a destination full of charm and beauty. This town, with its rich history, impressive landscapes and vibrant culture, offers visitors a unique experience, making it one of the main tourist enclaves in Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 23 de August de 2023

The 14 best coves and beaches for diving and snorkeling in Mallorca

Hello, lover of the sea and adventure! If you are planning your next trip to Mallorca, an unforgettable experience awaits you. This Balearic jewel is famous for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. However, many do not know that a magical world lies beneath the surface, ready to be explored.

Elisabeth Blue | 21 de August de 2023

The top 3 wineries in Mallorca

Are you familiar with the best wineries in Mallorca? The island has a great winemaking tradition thanks to its mild climate and unique terrain.

Elisabeth Blue | 22 de June de 2023

These are the quietest beaches in Mallorca

Have you discovered the quietest beaches in Mallorca? Holidays are all about rest, leisure, free time, enjoyment, new experiences... and also quietness!

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de June de 2023

A Must-See: Alcúdia Port in Mallorc

Alcúdia Port (Puerto de Alcúdia) in Mallorca is one of the most popular tourist areas on our island and one of the favourite summer destinations for Mallorcans, thanks to its positioning, its long promenade, its large expanse of sand, and its lack of high-rise buildings.

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de June de 2023

5 guided tours in Palma de Mallorca not to be missed

These guided tours in Palma de Mallorca will help you discover streets steeped in history, modernist buildings, medieval monuments, palaces, museums, art galleries, and much more. We're going to take you on a delightful tour of the island. Are you ready?

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de June de 2023

Top 10 kids’ activities this Summer

More and more families are looking for hotels with kids’ activities and entertainment. It's a great option that enables parents to get some rest while their kids learn, have fun, and make new friends.

Elisabeth Blue | 7 de June de 2023

What to do with kids in Mallorca

Are you planning your next family holiday?

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de May de 2023

Discover the Selection Club benefits at VIVA Sunrise

The VIVA Sunrise aparthotel is the perfect place for a unique family holiday in Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de May de 2023

Concerts in Mallorca that you mustn’t miss

This summer you mustn't miss the great variety of concerts in Mallorca. Our Hotels VIVA are situated in a true musical paradise. 

Elisabeth Blue | 12 de May de 2023

Discover Mallorcan wildlife

Are you familiar with Mallorcan wildlife? The island is an endless paradise where varied landscapes coexist, such as marine areas, wetlands, mountainous areas, ravines, and cliffs. 

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de May de 2023

Get to know the best marinas in Mallorca

You can find around 40 marinas in Mallorca, out of a total of 250 in the whole of Spain. This Balearic island is a favourite destination for sailing and nautical sports, and welcomes amateur and professional captains and sailors from all over the world. 

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de April de 2023

5 patisseries in Mallorca you simply must visit

Mallorca's patisseries are at the heart of the Mediterranean diet and few can resist visiting them on their trips to the island.

Elisabeth Blue | 21 de April de 2023

You simply can’t miss Sa Calobra in Mallorca

For years, Sa Calobra in Mallorca has been one of the best kept secrets of this Balearic island. Would you like to know why?

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de April de 2023

Best boat trips around Mallorca

If you're keen on exploring different magical places on our island, then don't miss out on the best boat trips around Mallorca, where you'll discover so many truly idyllic spots.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de April de 2023

Mallorca at Easter: Typical Easter food

Are you going to visit Mallorca at Easter?

Elisabeth Blue | 5 de April de 2023

What to see in Mallorca in the Spring

Spring is one of the best times of the year to visit Mallorca. Want to know why?

Elisabeth Blue | 31 de March de 2023

An all-inclusive trip to Mallorca with Hotels VIVA

Are you looking for an all-inclusive trip to Mallorca? 

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de March de 2023

Spa and dinner: the best romantic ideas are at Hotels VIVA

Any excuse is a good one to have a romantic date with your partner. Due to the stresses of life, we often don't have enough time to enjoy special moments with our partner, or, at least, not in the way we'd really like to. It's so important to find time to be together and strengthen our relationship.

Elisabeth Blue | 23 de March de 2023

The Es Trenc beach in Mallorca: the definitive guide you've been waiting for

Es Trenc beach in Mallorca is one of the most popular beaches in the south of the island.It's particularly renowned for its fine white sand and crystal clear waters which, depending on the effect of the light, can take on turquoise or emerald green hues, giving the surroundings a somewhat "Caribbean" look.This beach is 7 kilometres long and some...

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de March de 2023

Fun family activities in Mallorca

Mallorca is a perfect destination for fun, in addition to its magnificent beaches.Here at Hotels VIVA we have selected some great family activities to do while you stay with us. Wear some comfortable clothes and shoes, have a good breakfast to recharge your batteries, and enjoy these activities which are suitable for everyone!

Elisabeth Blue | 13 de March de 2023

Ideas to celebrate Father’s Day

Here at Hotels VIVA we've prepared a perfect package for you to enjoy an amazing Father's Day with us. 

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de March de 2023

Beachfront hotels in Mallorca

PFor travel lovers, the sea is so appealing, and the Mediterranean is one of the most popular holiday destinations of all. Feeling the soothing sound of the waves at any time of the day and sensing the sea breeze are two of the greatest pleasures of staying in beachfront hotels. In fact, these hotels are the leading types of accommodation for...

Elisabeth Blue | 7 de March de 2023

Traveling to Mallorca by boat: Tips from Hotels VIVA

One of the best ways to travel to Mallorca is to take a boat from the Spanish ports of Denia, Valencia, or BarcelonaGetting around the Balearic Islands using this means of transport is also easy because there are regular connections from Ibiza, Ciutadella, Formentera and Mahón to the ports of Palma and Alcúdia. At present, several companies...

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de March de 2023

5 tips when travelling to Mallorca with kids

Mallorca is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain, and it's also one of the best places to plan a getaway with children at any time of the year.Mallorca has beautiful villages, stunning coves and an excellent range of leisure activities for the whole family.If you're planning on travelling to Mallorca with kids, we suggest you take...

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de February de 2023

A tour through the historic Palma de Mallorca city centre

The old historical quarters of our towns and cities always conceal fascinating secrets!And even more so in a place like Palma de Mallorca, where Romans, Moors and Christians have left their mark on its buildings and in its narrow streets.Stay with us as we take you on a tour through the historic city centre of Palma de Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de February de 2023

Charming hotels in Mallorca: VIVA art

Are you looking for charming hotels in Mallorca? Did you know that our island has been an inspiration for many artists? Mallorca has a leading role in the national and international art scene thanks to its status as the focal point of several social and intellectual movements.This creative spirit permeates every nook and cranny of this island....

Elisabeth Blue | 22 de February de 2023

Get to know Hotels VIVA’s four-star hotels!

Are you familiar with the best four-star hotels in Mallorca? The classification of hotels by stars is an easily recognisable system that helps to improve the experience of the clients who stay in them.  This international system, now in common use all around the world, was created in 1958 by Mobil Corporation, an American oil company that created...

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de February de 2023

Hotels VIVA sustainable hotels

Achieving greater energy efficiency is crucial in all areas of our society.

This is also true in the tourism sector, where all operators, especially hotels, are committed to saving energy in their air-conditioning, lighting, hot water, and irrigation systems, and to offering services that combine sustainability, savings, and respect for the...

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de February de 2023

The best art galleries on Mallorca

Mallorca is an inspirational island that exudes art from every pore, and it has served as a creative outlet for artists from all over the world. 

Elisabeth Blue | 15 de February de 2023

5 ideas for Carnival costumes for kids | Hotels VIVA

It's Carnival time!  Are you ready for the music, fun and, of course, the long-awaited parades and fancy dress parties?Here at Hotels VIVA we're going to give you some ideas for some timeless children's carnival costumes that you can easily make in an afternoon.And the best thing of all? You can use it as a great family activity and make them...

Elisabeth Blue | 13 de February de 2023

How to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and you may still be wondering how you can surprise your partner on this special day of love. Of course, love isn't restricted to dates, but February 14th is a good excuse to exchange kisses, surprises, and gifts, and also to make different plans to get out of your usual routine. If you're wondering how...

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de February de 2023

Where to see dolphins in Mallorca | Hotels VIVA

Dolphins are truly amazing animals. Social and charismatic creatures, they communicate with a curious language based on the emission of mysterious sounds, in the form of bursts or impulses, which help them to locate each other. These cetaceans have another peculiarity - they establish strong bonds with their community, and even care for and...

Elisabeth Blue | 7 de February de 2023

5 Mallorcan traditions you mustn’t miss | Hotels VIVA

The first signs of human occupation in Mallorca date back to 7200 B.C., just before some groups of cave-dwelling hunters and foragers settled there.Since then, many peoples and civilisations have lived on our island, from the Talayotians to the Romans and the Byzantines, through to the Arabs and, finally, the Christian "conquest".This rich...

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de February de 2023

The best activities for adults in Mallorca | Hotels VIVA

Mallorca is the perfect destination for a short break or a family holiday, with or without children, with friends or as a couple. Why? Because this island offers leisure options for all tastes and budgets, and because its climate and its attractions (beaches, mountains, charming villages, culture, cities, etc.) mean that you can enjoy its delights...

Elisabeth Blue | 31 de January de 2023

Where to do paddleboarding in Mallorca

Paddleboarding is one of the trendiest sports around at the moment.Also known as "standup paddleboarding", this activity consists of standing on a surfboard (in fact, it's slightly larger and more stable than a regular surfboard), while using a single-bladed paddle to move around.Paddleboarding is quite simple. It requires a certain technique and...

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de January de 2023

The best adults-only hotels in Mallorca

Our adults-only hotels are aimed, as you’d expect, exclusively at adults - normally couples or groups of friends - who are looking for quiet areas where they can rest and enjoy exclusive services. 

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de January de 2023

All-inclusive large family holidays at Hotels VIVA

Large families can benefit from tax relief and reductions to make their financial burden more bearable. 

Diana Pons | 20 de January de 2023

Top 10 best foods for athletes

In popular culture you’ll often find phrases that demonstrate the importance of nutrition. For example, "We are what we eat" (attributed to the German philosopher and anthropologist Ludwig Feuerbach and which was originally "man is what he eats"), or "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" by Hippocrates, one of the most notable Greek...

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de January de 2023

The Latest News from VIVA Sunrise

The New Year is a time for change, resolutions, and making improvements. Here at Hotels VIVA, we have taken advantage of the New Year to carry out some changes and renovations that will help us to improve our services and facilities in 2023. Our aim? For you enjoy a unique holiday with your family starting this April.

Elisabeth Blue | 13 de January de 2023

The 2023 Three Kings Parade in Mallorca: All you need to know

After two years of restrictions due to COVID, the Kings from the Orient will visit Mallorca on the 5th of January in the afternoon, before beginning their traditional gift-giving. 

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de January de 2023

Top 5 typical Christmas desserts

Christmas is a time of celebration and festive gatherings in which sweet treats play a starring role.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de January de 2023

What to do on New Year’s Eve in Mallorca? | Hotels Viva

New Year's Eve celebrations in Mallorca are extremely wide-ranging - from the popular festivities in Palma, with concerts and performances throughout the city, to more exclusive private events and parties, where luxury takes centre stage.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de January de 2023

What should the best hotels for large families have?

Travelling with children and family is always a challenge! Organisation, schedules, luggage… there are so many things to think about, and little room for improvisation just so we can optimise time and resources. However, even though this type of trip is somewhat trickier, it isn't, by any means, impossible, especially if we follow a few tips when...

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de January de 2023

7 adventure sports in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca is the ideal destination for lovers of outdoor sports. From the good weather you’ll find on the island for most of the year, to the large number of natural areas for all kinds of outdoor activities, Mallorca is a paradise for adventure sports.In fact, some even say that Mallorca is a real “Garden of Eden" for sports players. You can run,...

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de January de 2023

The range of cuisine available at Hotels VIVA: get to know all our restaurants

Mallorca is a world-class gastronomic destination. Every year crowds flock to the island eager to sample the flavours of the Mediterranean and the Mallorcan areas. These are represented in typical dishes such as arròs brut, roast suckling pig, tumbet, or frito mallorquín (fried Mallorcan lamb).However, many who come to Mallorca are looking for a...

Elisabeth Blue | 2 de January de 2023

Sierra de Tramuntana in Mallorca: a paradise you simply can't miss

Mallorca is much more than just sun and beaches. Even though we're blessed with enviable temperatures throughout most of the year, and have some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, our island also has many hidden gems that make it an ideal place to visit any time of the year.One of them is the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range.

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de December de 2022

The benefits of using natural handmade cosmetics

Toxins have repercussions on our quality of life, and their constant presence around us, in the air we breathe or the food we eat, has, to a greater or lesser extent, a negative impact on our bodies.For this reason, we strive for a more sustainable way of life, in which self care plays an important role.

Elisabeth Blue | 22 de December de 2022

Christmas in Mallorca: 5 unmissable activities

Some Christmas activities never fail: strolling through illuminated city centres, shopping, meeting friends, visiting markets, tasting typical local cuisine... 

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de December de 2022

Hotels VIVA and Fundació Campaner: a shared Christmas

This year's Christmas greetings couldn't be more special. Mostapha is 8 years old, from Diffa, Niger, and we're delighted that he is the star of our Christmas card.

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de December de 2022

Places to visit during the December long weekend in Mallorca

This December long weekend you simply must visit Mallorca! But why? Here at Hotels VIVA we'll tell you the main reasons with our special guide for the whole family that we've put together for you. We hope you find it useful!

Diana Pons | 9 de December de 2022

5 DIY ideas to create your own Advent calendar

Christmas is just around the corner! Our streets are starting to fill up with lights and decorations, and we're sure many of you have already started preparing for this special time of the year. Here at Hotels VIVA we've also got down to work, and this year we've created an Advent calendar with some enjoyable ideas for the month of December that...

Diana Pons | 1 de December de 2022

Selection Club: Tailor your stay to your own needs

Exclusivity is a real asset and a key factor for the most demanding customers. This is even more pertinent in sectors such as tourism, leisure, and catering, where the "experience factor" is becoming more and more important. 

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de November de 2022

Mallorca 140.6: VIVA Hotels is sponsoring the 2022 triathlon!

The Mallorca 140.6 has become an unmissable event for lovers of outdoor tourism and high-energy sports. 

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de November de 2022

The Rolex Challenge Tour Grand Final comes to Mallorca

Mallorca is a true golfers' paradise. 

Elisabeth Blue | 9 de November de 2022

Have you heard of the “Blue Cave of Cabrera”?

Here at Hotels VIVA we'd like to recommend that you visit the Blue Cave of Cabrera (Sa Cova Blava), a unique spot where you’ll be able to take a dip under a large stone arch and enjoy the unique natural lighting of the cave.

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de October de 2022

The best hotel rooms with a Jacuzzi are found in Hotels VIVA

Pleasure-loving holiday makers don’t just look for comfortable and convenient accommodation on their holidays. They also search for spots that include all kinds of luxuries.

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de September de 2022

A guide to recreation spots for children in Mallorca

Our island is famous for its beaches, climate, nature and gastronomy. But it’s also famous for its excellent range of recreation spots for children in Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 23 de September de 2022

Some great tips to get around Mallorca without a car

Are you planning to come to one of our VIVA hotels on holiday and you're looking for the best options to get around Mallorca without a car? 

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de September de 2022

3 fascinating facts about Mallorca that every visitor should know about

These fascinating facts about Mallorca will amaze you! Facts that many people have never heard about. 

Elisabeth Blue | 12 de September de 2022

5 tapas you should try in Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca's tapas are small, tasty snacks, which liven up our social gatherings. They have become a real attraction for tourists visiting our island. 

Elisabeth Blue | 9 de September de 2022

Do you know the best beaches for kids in Mallorca?

Getting to know the best beaches in Mallorca is essential, especially if you have small children who may limit when in different ways.

Elisabeth Blue | 5 de September de 2022

Everything you need to know about Adam Sandler's film in Mallorca

Adam Sandler is one of the most popular Hollywood stars.

Elisabeth Blue | 2 de September de 2022

Holidays in Mallorca: 7 reasons to visit the island this summer

We're sure that, at some point, you've thought about spending your holidays in Mallorca, as it's one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, a true paradise for an unforgettable holiday.  In fact, the "Island of Calm" is much more than just beaches and parties, and it has become a top destination for families, couples, friends, and...

Elisabeth Blue | 26 de August de 2022

5 gifts for travellers

If you're trying to think of gifts for travellers, you're sure to hit the mark with our list. Even though it’s short, we've selected options to suit all tastes, budgets, and travellers.

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de August de 2022

Are there good climbing routes in Mallorca?

Are there good climbing routes in Mallorca? Is visiting this island a good choice if you’re looking for a getaway full of adventure and sports? Today, right from Hotels VIVA, we’ll answer all your questions!

Elisabeth Blue | 12 de August de 2022

Hotels VIVA is working together with the Cleanwave Foundation for a sustainable future

Here at Hotels VIVA we know how important it is to look after our planet.

Elisabeth Blue | 5 de August de 2022

A Segway tour: a different way to discover Palma

Are you looking for a different way to discover Palma? Right from Hotels VIVA, how about this idea: take a Segway tour!

Elisabeth Blue | 1 de August de 2022

The best sailing trips around Mallorca

Are you looking for the best sailing trips around Mallorca? You’re in luck because today, here at Hotels VIVA, we’re going to tell you all about our favourites.

Elisabeth Blue | 15 de July de 2022

A guide to Mallorca’s popular fairs and fiestas

So, you’ve never been to one of Mallorca's popular fairs and fiestas? Even if you’re only here for a short break, they’re a perfect way of discovering the island’s true essence from a very unique perspective.

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de July de 2022

Top 5 outdoor activities in Mallorca

Mallorca is the perfect island for outdoor activities. While the wide-open areas are ideal for hiking and cycling, in the coastal areas you can practice water sports such as surfing, snorkelling and sailing. 

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de June de 2022

5 great things to do with friends in Mallorca

Have you booked a trip to Mallorca and you’re looking for things to do with friends? Today, here at Hotels VIVA, we’ve got the most original ideas for you!

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de June de 2022

Where to find the best coca de patata in Valldemossa

The coca de patata from Valldemossa is one of our island’s typical dishes, and has its origins in the town of the same name, which is located in the heart of the Sierra de la Tramuntana. 

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de June de 2022

Paintball in Mallorca: Ready for adventure?

Playing paintball in Mallorca is a great activity to do with friends or family. Are you planning a getaway to our island and feel like a bit of adventure? Then this Hotels VIVA post is for you!

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de June de 2022

Hotel VIVA Cala Mesquida Suites & Spa 16+: Now open!

You still haven’t heard about Hotel VIVA Cala Mesquida Suites & Spa? Book now, you're going to love it!

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de May de 2022

Best Hotels in Mallorca for Golf Lovers

Nothing says luxury like a fancy hotel complete with a golf course. If you’re planning on vacationing on the beautiful island of Mallorca, you’ll be pleased to know that you can have a full deluxe hotel experience and enjoy a round or two of golf right outside your door. 

Jordan Fuller | 20 de May de 2022

4 hotels in Mallorca with heated swimming pools

Are you looking for hotels in Mallorca with heated swimming pools? Today we’re going to give you the best options, based on the type of holiday you have in mind. 

Elisabeth Blue | 13 de May de 2022

Adventure in Mallorca: discover the best activities to do on the island

Are you looking to turn your holiday into a unique, fun-filled experience? Here at Hotels VIVA we’re going to tell you all about the best options for adventure in Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 6 de May de 2022

5 suitcase packing tips to save space

Are you getting ready for your next trip? After deciding how you’re going to get there and finding the perfect hotel, it's time to think about packing your suitcase... something that can cause more than a headache or two if you’re not too clued in about suitcase packing tips to save space! 

Elisabeth Blue | 29 de April de 2022

Essential requirements for the best hotels for children in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most popular family tourism destinations on the Iberian Peninsula. Its climate, beaches, beautiful surroundings and choice of theme parks make our island a perfect place to spend a great relaxing holiday with your children.

Elisabeth Blue | 22 de April de 2022

Top tips for travelling with babies to Mallorca

Mallorca is an ideal destination for a family getaway. However, here at Hotels VIVA we know that travelling with babies or small children can be quite a challenge, especially if you have to take planes or boats. That's why we highly recommend that you prepare your holiday or getaway in advance and follow our great tips on accommodation, transport,...

Diana Pons | 14 de April de 2022

Where to see the best sunsets in Mallorca

Don't know where to see the best sunsets in Mallorca? Today, here at Hotels VIVA, we’d like to give you a guide to our favourite locations to see the sun go down.

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de April de 2022

What to do at Easter in Mallorca?

With the arrival of April, and having negotiated the cold winter months, our bodies are starting to yearn for a break. That's why more and more people decide to travel at Easter, a time of the year when we can enjoy visiting places without the overcrowding of the summer months. You don't know what to do at Easter in Mallorca? Keep reading, because...

Elisabeth Blue | 1 de April de 2022

Hotels VIVA, official sponsor of the Mallorca 312 cycle race

Thanks to its climate, and the combination of beach and mountains, Mallorca is an ideal destination for all kinds of sports. 

Elisabeth Blue | 29 de March de 2022

Beer tourism: Enjoy the best craft beers in the region

If we mention water, malt, hops and yeast, what are we talking about? Beer of course! If you’re a beer lover like us, then don't miss the chance to take part in beer tourism in Mallorca (always responsibly, of course!).

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de March de 2022

A Free Tour in Mallorca: Discover Alcudia and Palma with the best local guides

Free tours in Mallorca are a fantastic option to get to know the lesser-known aspects and areas of the country. One of the advantages is that the local guides will offer their own perspective and give you their own personal experiences. You’ll be able to understand the history of the city and discover its best kept secrets.

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de March de 2022

What to do on a Sunday in Mallorca?

Spending a Sunday in Mallorca can be a wonderful experience, and here at Hotels VIVA we want to give you lots of ideas on how you can enjoy your time on our island.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de March de 2022

Energy Efficiency Day: What sustainable hotels look like

Did you know that 5th March is Energy Efficiency Day? Here at Hotels VIVA, we’d like to celebrate it by telling you all about the activities and initiatives we carry out on a daily basis as sustainable and environmentally-friendly hotels.

Elisabeth Blue | 4 de March de 2022

Some great tips to plan romantic getaways in Mallorca

As well as being one of the most beautiful enclaves in the Mediterranean, Mallorca offers endless possibilities for an amazing romantic getaway. Are you currently thinking about taking a special trip with that special someone in your life? Look no further than Hotels VIVA! We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de February de 2022

Are you looking for a hotel for a romantic weekend?

Are you planning a getaway and looking for a hotel for a romantic weekend? At Hotels VIVA we’ll give you all the best tips to help you spend the best time ever with your partner.

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de February de 2022

The best winter trips and tours on Mallorca

Mallorca is undoubtedly a summer paradise, but it’s a charming place to visit in the winter too! It’s not only the beaches that are worth visiting; winter in Mallorca brings many fascinating landscapes and all kinds of activities to enjoy. So, what can you do in Mallorca in the winter? In this article, we’ll tell you the most popular activities...

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de February de 2022

Markets in Mallorca that you just can’t miss

You can find plenty of wonderful markets on Mallorca. They take place throughout the year in different parts of the island and visitors can see the local crafts and gastronomy firsthand. They’re ideal places to learn more about the island's culture and find some very original items.

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de February de 2022

5 great Valentine’s Day ideas in Mallorca

Mallorca is a true paradise, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year and a vast array of incredible natural landscapes, all of which makes it an ideal place for a romantic break on special dates such as Valentine's Day. Would you like to discover some unforgettable Valentine’s Day ideas in Mallorca? Here at Hotels VIVA, we’re going to propose...

Diana Pons | 11 de February de 2022

What to see in Mallorca in 4 days? Escape to paradise!

What can you see in Mallorca in 4 days? This question has brought you here to our blog, and the answer will take you to paradise! Believe us, you won't be able to resist! 

Elisabeth Blue | 4 de February de 2022

Mallorca in February and March: Why visit the island these months?

Travelling to Mallorca in February and March can be a real luxury. At this time of the year, the island isn’t full of tourists, and you’ll find it much more pleasant to move around and may even enjoy it more than at busier times. The extra benefit here is that, as it’s low season, it will be much cheaper than travelling in high season. 

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de January de 2022

Visit the Almudaina Royal Palace

Our Mallorcan island is truly unique, and this is summed up in places as special as the Almudaina Royal Palace. Here at Hotels VIVA, we don't want you to miss out on each and every one of the delightful treasures hidden away in the island’s towns and villages – you’ll be lost for words! Not to mention its impressive must-see monuments. 

Elisabeth Blue | 21 de January de 2022

Places to have a picnic and spend a great family day in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most beautiful places in the world to enjoy outdoor life, and picnicking is the perfect way to relax and connect with nature. There are more than 30 picnic spots in Mallorca equipped with everything you need to enjoy a great day together: fire pits, benches, tables, and even children's playgrounds.

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de January de 2022

Do you know the history of Palma Cathedral?

Palma Cathedral is one of the most spectacular works of Gothic architecture in Spain. Located right by the sea, Palma Cathedral, popularly called La Seu, was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument, and, behind its walls, we learn about the history of the island.

Elisabeth Blue | 7 de January de 2022

Visit the planetarium and other romantic spots this winter in Mallorca

Mallorca is an island that you can fall in love with no matter the season. Thanks to its even climate, great natural diversity, and its infrastructure, this Mediterranean island has something for everyone. It's perfect to visit 365 days a year.

Elisabeth Blue | 31 de December de 2021

Do you know the best hotels close to golf courses in Mallorca?

It's an island known for its spectacular beaches, its villages rich in history, and its incredible golf courses. If you're a golf fan, you've probably heard of the Mallorcan golf courses: surrounded by nature and with dazzling views of the Mediterranean or the Serra de Tramuntana.

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de December de 2021

Where to find original gifts while Christmas shopping in Mallorca

Christmas is coming, and that means presents and Christmas shopping. And we’re here to tell you that Mallorca is one of the best places to find original Christmas gifts! From gifts for the smallest ones in the family to decorations for the tree, here at Hotels VIVA we’ll give you some top tips for Christmas shopping on the island.

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de December de 2021

Where to find the best Christmas markets in Mallorca

One of the most beautiful and magical times of the year is fast approaching: Christmas. And, in Mallorca, you’ll see of its most special traditions - its Christmas markets. They’re ideal for visiting with family or friends, and you can try some typical seasonal dishes there, as well as buying some last-minute gifts, and enjoying the decorations...

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de December de 2021

Where to celebrate the New Year in Mallorca!

Are you wondering what there is to do on New Year's Eve on Mallorca? Then you've come to the right place! Hotels VIVA is here to suggest the best places to celebrate!

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de December de 2021

New rooms with a private pool in Mallorca!

Here at Hotels VIVA, we’re always looking for new ways to offer our guests the best possible experience. In fact, today we’re going to tell you about one of our latest innovations: rooms with a private pool, an original and totally different way to enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de December de 2021

Cheap Hire Cars in Mallorca

Do you know how to find cheap hire cars in Mallorca? Is it worth it? What options do you have? Today, we'll answer those questions here at Hotels VIVA.

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de December de 2021

Hotels in Mallorca: choose the perfect one for you!

Have you looked for hotels in Mallorca but the sheer number of hotels and offers is overwhelming you? Well, fret no more, as here at Hotels Viva we’ll bring you the best options to suit all tastes.

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de November de 2021

Attention art lovers! Discover the museums in Mallorca

Have you ever visited Mallorca's museums? Mallorca isn't just a beautiful island. Aside from its spectacular beaches, it also has a rich cultural heritage. This Balearic Island has so many unique finds for art lovers. Today Hotels VIVA, will tell you about our 10 favourite museums in Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 26 de November de 2021

Do you need a PCR test to travel to Mallorca? Entry requirements and COVID measures

The Balearic Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. Each year, they receive millions of Spanish and foreign tourists who are looking for paradise beaches, turquoise waters and appealing hotels.

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de November de 2021

Restaurants in Mallorca: live out the most exclusive gastronomic experience

Mallorca is one of the most beautiful spots in Europe when it comes to landscapes and paradise beaches. But that's not the only reason it stands out. It has also become a gastronomic destination. Each year, many visitors arrive hankering after that Mediterranean flavour and that special Mallorcan earthy touch in each one of the dishes and glasses...

Elisabeth Blue | 12 de November de 2021

Enjoy some exquisite beaches on Mallorca – perfect for Instagram!!

On the island of Mallorca, there are 262 exquisite beaches to suit all tastes. And, although all of them are worth visiting, there are some that stand out for their spectacular natural landscapes and the beautiful colour of their waters.

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de November de 2021

Mallorca in October is still a paradise!

Visiting Mallorca in October or November is a great option for people who want to explore the island's incredible natural landscapes without the crowds - it's a paradise to be enjoyed all year round!

Elisabeth Blue | 29 de October de 2021

Boat hire in Mallorca: sail and enjoy the sea like never before

Mallorca is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Spain. Its coves, landscapes, and biodiversity make the island an ideal destination for all types of holidaymakers. Like the rest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is characterised by its spectacular landscapes and the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea that surrounds it.

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de October de 2021

Enjoy the local flora and fauna at the Puig de Galatzó Reserve in Mallorca

Just 17 kilometres out of Palma, you'll find the Puig de Galatzó Reserve, an incredible place where you can enjoy nature in its purest state. The main attraction is a 3.5 km walking track where you can stroll or stride along while enjoying the local plants and animals. The Puig de Galatzó Reserve in Mallorca is right at the foot of the Galatzó...

Elisabeth Blue | 15 de October de 2021

Diving in Mallorca? Cala Llombards is waiting for you!

Without a doubt, Mallorca is one of the most spectacular destinations in Europe if you're looking for beaches and bays with incredible views, crystal-clear water, and huge biodiversity. Among the many paradisaic beaches and bays in Mallorca, Cala Llombards is one of the most popular spots for activities like snorkelling and diving.

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de October de 2021

Have fun at the best zip lining spots in Mallorca, and get on board with the adventure!

Zip lining in Mallorca is a real adventure. You can have a great time while you connect with nature from the air. Just imagine travelling through the air and seeing spectacular views from a unique angle, all the while sliding along a steel cable.

Elisabeth Blue | 1 de October de 2021

What to do in Mallorca as a couple?

A few days' getaway to Mallorca is one of the best trips you could take as a couple. The island has so much to offer: from paradisiacal coves to first-class restaurants, and here you’ll find the best options for a dream romantic getaway.

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de September de 2021

"The pandemic has reconnected us with our passions”

A very VIVA conversation with Xisco Lliteras

From a terrace, with the Mediterranean Sea and the Mallorcan mountains in the background, we can enjoy this interview with Xisco Lliteras and Andreu Genestra. They reflect on the past months of dealing with the pandemic, and how this situation has pushed us to discover new paths and to recover the...

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de September de 2021

HidroPark: The Best Water Park in Mallorca

It’s undoubtedly one of the best water parks in Spain, and this summer it has reopened its doors to welcome families who are looking for a fun day out on the island. HidroPark is a family park with a wide range of attractions - discover all it has to offer for adults and children!

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de September de 2021

Cala Mondragó: a unique experience in a natural park

In the southeast of the island of Mallorca you’ll find this unique cove with wonderful unspoilt scenery. Cala Mondragó is one of the most beautiful and most visited beaches on the island, and is surrounded by the Mondragó Natural Park in Santanyí, which is why it has such wonderful scenery.

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de August de 2021

The best beaches in Mallorca for a great family experience

Mallorca is an island where you can enjoy the summer in every way possible, and especially when we’re talking about the idyllic beaches and coves it offers. Are you looking for the best beaches in Mallorca for the whole family? You've come to the right place: the Hotels VIVA blog!

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de August de 2021

The best activities to truly enjoy Mallorca

A magical island that dazzles us with its natural landscapes, charming villages and endless activities – that’s Mallorca! If you’re planning to visit this Balearic island in the summer, then keep reading, as today Hotels VIVA is going to show you how to really enjoy Mallorca this summer!

Elisabeth Blue | 13 de August de 2021

Learn to surf in Mallorca!

Crystal clear waters, gentle waves and incredible natural surroundings - these are some of the reasons why the island of Mallorca is one of the best places to start surfing. 

Elisabeth Blue | 6 de August de 2021

"In this pandemic, it’s the children who have taught the adults”

A VIVA conversation with Jorge Muñoz

The natural landscape of Predi Son Jaumell is the perfect backdrop for the interview with Jorge Muñoz and Andreu Genestra. As the delicate beams of light filter through the trees, a conversation unfolds between friends about the effect of the pandemic on children.

Elisabeth Blue | 4 de August de 2021

Visit Mallorca cathedral

In Palma de Mallorca, there are many tourist attractions that attract visitors from all over the world, year after year. Its dreamlike landscapes and beautiful architecture are its main attractions, the most impressive of which is the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de July de 2021

"I’m a compulsive optimist" A VIVA conversation with Sebastià Vadell

Over coffee on the shores of the Mediterranean, Andreu Genestra interviews Sebastià Vadell to discuss the pandemic and the importance of transforming our perspective and outlook when faced with difficulties.

Elisabeth Blue | 23 de July de 2021

Culinary tourism with tasting menus in Palma de Mallorca

When it comes to food and drink, Mallorca stands out for its fabulous wide-ranging cuisine. To discover flavours that will surprise even the most demanding palates, the best option in Mallorca is to go on a food or wine tasting tour to discover the best food and drink in traditional and contemporary Spanish cuisine.

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de July de 2021

The best trip in Mallorca: Via train and boat through Sóller y Sa Calobra

Hidden away in the Balearic Islands, you can find some of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean. To be able to visit all these amazing places, you can either go on foot, by car, by boat, or by train.

At Hotels VIVA you can find all the information you need.

Elisabeth Blue | 9 de July de 2021

Discover the refurbished Hotel VIVA Golf and enjoy a sport-filled summer

Summer is approaching and at Hotels VIVA we can't wait to see you again. We’re saying goodbye to a difficult year full of uncertainty, with the hope that, this time around, we’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing summer basking in the sun and enjoying the sounds of the sea.

Elisabeth Blue | 6 de July de 2021

Kayaking or paddleboarding to the sea caves in Mallorca

Due to their natural shape and rich marine life, the sea caves of Mallorca are one of the most magical places on the island. Mallorca's striking sea caves and cliffs are the perfect places to practice all kinds of sports and activities for the whole family, such as paddleboarding, kayaking or surfing in the coves with the biggest waves.

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de July de 2021

Enjoy an amazing dolphin watching trip in Mallorca

The coasts of the Balearic Islands are home to an incredible biodiversity. The waters of the Mediterranean Sea are the chosen home of countless marine species and animals that make these waters their natural habitat. One of the species that frequent the island's coastline are our majestic and extremely friendly dolphins, which attract many curious...

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de June de 2021

A helicopter ride around Mallorca – a unique experience!

Mallorca has some of the most amazing landscapes in the whole of the Mediterranean, and they’re well worth visiting. A unique and breathtaking way to get to know them is with a helicopter ride over Mallorca, and you’ll be able to appreciate these natural landscapes from a totally unique perspective.

Elisabeth Blue | 21 de June de 2021

The best jet ski trips around Mallorca

If you’re an adrenaline and speed junkie, then you shouldn’t miss out on hiring a jet ski in Mallorca this summer. There are so many different trips and excursions that put safety first and give you a great time riding these jet skis around Mallorca and its surroundings.

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de June de 2021

Visiting Les Coves dels Hams (Fishhook Caves)

Are you looking for a unique experience on your holiday in Mallorca? Well, Hotels VIVA would like to invite you to discover the famous Coves dels Hams (Fishhook Caves). You’ll feel like an adventurer as you travel into the depths of the earth and marvel at nature's creations! In all Mallorcan caves, you’ll find both wonderful landscapes and a...

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de June de 2021

Wine tasting in Mallorca

Mallorca isn’t only home to spectacular nature and stunning beaches. The Mallorcan wine industry has boomed in recent years, and, with the growth of gastronomic tourism, wine tasting, wine tours and winery visits in Mallorca have been on the rise.

Elisabeth Blue | 31 de May de 2021

Adults Only at VIVA

With the imminent reopening of tourism, and after the difficult year we’ve had, taking a holiday in Mallorca is one of the best options for you to unwind and recharge your batteries. However, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds, as most hotels have a large percentage of families with children, often making it impossible to enjoy the silence and...

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de May de 2021

Discover the most beautiful towns in Mallorca

If we’re talking about beautiful places in Mallorca, then we need look no further than its charming towns and villages. In this article, Hotels VIVA will be telling you all about some of the most charming towns and villages in Mallorca that you simply mustn’t miss on your next trip to the island. Read on to find out more about the most beautiful...

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de May de 2021

Routes on horseback for couples in Mallorca

Horse riding in Mallorca is one of the most romantic activities you can do with your partner. It’s an activity that you can enjoy at any time of year, and there are always plenty of offers around. In this article, from us here at Hotels VIVA, we’re going to tell you all about horse riding, both on the beach and in the mountains. Let’s get ready to...

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de May de 2021

Romantic and child-free getaways

Many say that Mallorca is the ideal destination for a child-free getaway. More and more tourists are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the places that usually attract families with children. In Mallorca, you can certainly find activities for the whole family, but there’s also the option of enjoying a more intimate and peaceful...

Elisabeth Blue | 4 de May de 2021

A weekend getaway to Mallorca

Travelling doesn't always mean spending a long time away. Sometimes a weekend getaway to Mallorca is all you’ll need to escape from the routine of everyday life and work. But is it possible to get to know the most important places in just one weekend in Mallorca?

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de April de 2021

Enjoy the best diving on Mallorca

The waters of the Mediterranean Sea are among the most crystalline in the world, and with an extraordinary biodiversity. And what better way to explore the secrets of the depths than by scuba diving in Mallorca?

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de April de 2021

Hotels VIVA is opening its doors!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism and hospitality, both on the Balearic Islands and all around the world, have been among the most affected sectors of all. Little by little, they’re starting to reopen, adapting to the new health protocols that will guarantee their customers’ safety, and also to the protocols of the different areas in terms of...

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de April de 2021

Enjoy the Blue Vibes experience!

Our Hotel VIVA Blue & Spa is already getting ready to welcome you for your next holiday, read on to find out more!

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de April de 2021

The best mountain biking routes in Mallorca

You can enjoy Mallorca’s charms in many different ways, including through sport. Many cyclists travel to the island in search of mountain biking routes in Mallorca because it’s usually the best way to enjoy the scenery, get to know every nook and cranny, and, at the same time, to do exercise. Even in the capital it’s very common to find great...

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de March de 2021

The best free activities in Mallorca

Maybe you’ve visited amazing places before but couldn’t afford to do too much when you were there. Maybe you’ve avoided travelling to other places because you thought they’d be out of your price range.

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de March de 2021

Wellness breaks to truly relax in Mallorca

Everyone can do with a few days of pure relaxation and enjoyment from time to time. In Spain, the island of Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations to enjoy a wellness break, with centres specifically designed to help you spend an unforgettable holiday, totally disconnected from your normal routine.

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de March de 2021

Discover the 10 most beautiful places in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca is home to many magical, yet little-known places. On this occasion, Hotels VIVA is going to reveal to you some of the most beautiful parts of Mallorca that you simply mustn’t miss. We’ll also give you some tips for your trip so that you don't miss out on some of the best things to see and do in Mallorca. Let’s start!

Elisabeth Blue | 9 de March de 2021

Tips for organising short family getaways

Organising a trip can be a very tricky task, especially if it’s a short family getaway. A family getaway means organising things in such a way that your children don't get bored, finding a variety of different activities for each part of the day.

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de March de 2021

An essential visit: the Castillo de Capdepera and the Mirador de Levante

On the island of Mallorca, we can find many places of great cultural and historical importance. One of these places is Capdepera. The town is full of history and tradition, and, in this article from Hotels VIVA, we’re going to tell you about its main tourist attractions: the Castillo de Capdepera and the Mirador de Levante. Are you ready to take a...

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de February de 2021

Are you a nature lover? Then visit la Serra de Tramuntana!

When it comes to nature, the island of Mallorca has one of the most beautiful places you could imagine. We’re talking here about the Serra de Tramuntana, one of the most popular tourist spots and the main mountain range on the Balearic Islands. There are many activities to get involved in, and you’ll find routes adapted to all ages and tastes, but...

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de February de 2021

The best Valentine’s Day present: A romantic getaway

In the month of February love is in the air! February 14th is a great day to surprise your partner with some original ideas and gifts for Valentine's Day to show your love for them. Although this year it’ll be difficult to celebrate in a big way, that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with an original and beautiful Valentine's Day gift.

Elisabeth Blue | 9 de February de 2021

Enjoy carnival time on the island of Mallorca

During the month of February, the carnival in Mallorca fills the streets with music, colour, joy, and a lot of fun. Although this year it won't be the same, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to tell you a little more about the history of the carnival in Palma de Mallorca, and what makes it so special.

Elisabeth Blue | 2 de February de 2021

Discover the best boat trips around Mallorca

The island of Mallorca has a natural charm due to the beautiful waters that surround it. Maritime activities, whether by boat, catamaran, or sailing boat, are a must if you want to get to know the real Mallorcan lifestyle.

Elisabeth Blue | 26 de January de 2021

Mallorcan Natural Parks that you shouldn’t miss

Mallorca is an island that offers the very best of nature to all those who visit it. The protected areas attract many tourists year after year – people who love to discover the wonders of the natural untouched landscape of this Mediterranean paradise.

Elisabeth Blue | 22 de January de 2021

5 Mallorcan dishes you simply can’t miss

Among the many types of tourism, gastronomic tourism is the one that no tourist should miss out on. And, if we’re talking about the island of Mallorca, there are so many typical Mallorcan dishes that both foreigners and locals adore because they’re quite simply a gastronomic delight, as well as being totally traditional.

Elisabeth Blue | 15 de January de 2021

Walking and hiking routes to unwind throughout the year

On the island of Mallorca we can find the most spectacular landscapes, which will help you relax on your summer holidays as well as at other times of the year. Are you at a loss about what to do after your summer holidays in Mallorca? Well, Hotels VIVA wants to come to your rescue and suggest an ideal activity to help you unwind, keep fit, and...

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de December de 2020

The best viewpoints on the island of Mallorca

Travelling around Mallorca is synonymous with enjoying the most spectacular natural landscapes. Here at Hotels VIVA, we’d like to tell you about the best places and viewpoints in Mallorca. Many of them have been recognized with UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape awards for their undeniable beauty and almost unspoilt natural surroundings.

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de December de 2020

Enjoy a special family Christmas

The end of this very peculiar year is approaching and we all know that Christmas 2020 will be very different. With the continuing situation surrounding COVID-19, the festive period will be simpler and shorter this year, but no less fun!

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de December de 2020

Enjoy the delights of autumn on the island of Mallorca

The island of Mallorca receives large numbers of tourists all year round because of its extremely pleasant climate. There are more than 300 days of sun a year on the island, and so it’s not surprising that many people choose to visit Mallorca in the autumn as well.

Elisabeth Blue | 2 de December de 2020

Black Friday’s coming to Hotel VIVA!

One of the most important discount periods of the year is approaching, and, at Hotel VIVA, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate with customers. Get to know our Black Friday offers and give yourself that Mediterranean break you so deserve.

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de November de 2020

The best plans for Halloween 2020

The most terrifying night of the year has arrived!

This festival is becoming more and more popular every year in Spain and it’s ideal forcelebrating with the kids. Halloween 2020 is approaching, and this year we have to celebrate it at home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time!

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de October de 2020

Discover the best places to enjoy the Mallorca sunset

When the sun goes down on Mallorca the sky takes on a very special hue, and not even the islanders can tire of the beauty displayed by the heavens as dusk approaches,with a combination of yellowy, reddish, pink and sometimes intense blue tones.

Elisabeth Blue | 2 de September de 2020

Mallorca excursions to help you feel free again

There’s an enthusiasm for life that nothing and nobody can take away from us. There are always reasons to smile if you look in the right direction. Where would you like to be?

Elisabeth Blue | 31 de August de 2020

Discover the Natural Park of Mondragó: idyllic nature and beaches

Tucked away in the district of Santanyí is the Natural Park of Mondragó. It is an ideal place if you want to discover the typically bucolic landscape of the island in depth. Predominating in its 766 hectares, of which 95 are public land, are almond trees, fig trees and carob trees.

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de August de 2020

Golf in Mallorca: The best plans for your sports holidays.

Mallorca is one of the world’s most attractive destinations thanks to its climate, natural environment, and entertainment offering. If you’re thinking about going on a golfing holiday, we’ll put you in touch with our team of golf specialists at Hotels VIVA.

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de August de 2020

August outings in Mallorca with a touch of paradise

August is one of the most popular months in the Mediterranean because every day is a good day for enjoying its beaches and coves.

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de August de 2020

Everything you want to know before booking your holiday to Mallorca. Hotels VIVA has the answers!

The world has changed - that’s a fact. And here at Hotels VIVA we’re changing withit. Keeping our positive attitude, driven by our motto “FUN BEGINS HERE!”, we’veput in place every measure to ensure that, whatever happens, you don’t have toforgo your well-deserved holiday.In this life, having the right attitude makes everything much better. And...

Diana Pons | 12 de August de 2020

Mallorca’s hidden beaches: We reveal this Mediterranean island’s.

Mallorca is just the right size to easily get across from one side to the other and yet still surprise you with new places to explore. With so much coastline, even locals continue to discover Mallorca’s hidden beaches with their crystal-blue water.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de August de 2020


Beach Club VIVA Suites

Elisabeth Blue | 5 de August de 2020

Cala Mesquida, excursions and activities to suit all tastes

Cala Mesquida has a whole host attractions: apart from being one of Mallorca’s most beautiful beaches, it is easily accessible and offers all manner of services ensuring that any visit is an ideal combination of the natural setting and convenience.

Elisabeth Blue | 29 de July de 2020

Discover where to find the best Mallorca hotel offers!

Let’s be honest: we all love going on holidays, especially when we find the best quality at the best price.

Elisabeth Blue | 23 de July de 2020

Discover our selection of Adults Only hotels in Mallorca

There are some things that people tend not to tell you, such as the way kids are wonderful, but their boundless energy can make us adults overlook our own needs and relegate ourselves to the background. To have the energy to provide, coddle, care for, and educate, it’s essential to recharge one’s batteries and feel well in oneself! We suggest an ...

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de July de 2020

Family hotels in Mallorca: meet Bufo and discover our pirate ship!

When parents come to Hotels VIVA and spend their holiday at one of our family hotels, it opens up a new world for them!

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de July de 2020

Things to do in Mallorca in July to enjoy paradise

Mallorca is an island that’s special because (to pick just one reason) it offers a great deal of things to do throughout the whole year. And of its twelve months of fun, nature parks, cultural life and cuisine, the best month is July.

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de July de 2020

Playa de Muro hotels, the area with the best paellas on the island!

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” as the saying goes, and in accordance with this advice it’s worth devoting an entire post to one of Mallorcan residents’ favourite areas. Why, you might be wondering?

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de July de 2020

Book our apartments in Mallorca for risk-free holidays with the Care & Safety plan by VIVA

At Hotels VIVA we have a new goal and it’s for you to enjoy your holidays with complete peace of mind. These days, given the circumstances, a good holiday is needed more than ever; however, we know that the safety, prevention and cleanliness measures are key to enabling you to enjoy your break to the full. This is why we’ve implemented our Care...

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de June de 2020

We reveal all the advantages of an Adults Only hotel in Mallorca!

Whether you have children or you enjoy life with your partner or on your own, when you envisage your holiday it’s no doubt surrounded by peace and quiet. We know that many parents choose Hotels VIVA because they offer an extremely broad range of entertainment for the youngest members of the household at their family hotels.

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de June de 2020

Discover our cycling hotels in Mallorca

At Hotels VIVA we have a selection of hotels specially prepared for practising sports. During the off season, it’s common at Hotels VIVA to see elite athletes who want to hone their abilities with their team and trainer. Teams of triathletes and the world champion Mario Mola count on us year after year. Out of all sports, if there’s one that we...

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de June de 2020

Excursions in Majorca for all: family, friends…

A holiday on Mallorca is always a good idea: whether you’re travelling with your partner, friends or family, the island offers an endless range of leisure activities and places to visit. And out of all these options, if there’s one thing that leaves visitors to the largest of the Balearic islands open-mouthed in admiration it’s undoubtedly its...

Elisabeth Blue | 12 de June de 2020

Hotels in Mallorca with a private pool, the ideal post-lockdown plan

For those who most enjoy their privacy or those looking for a very special holiday, at Hotels VIVA we offer rooms with a private pool. If you want to savour all the benefits, cuisine, activities, programmed events and marvels of Mallorca far away from crowded swimming pools you’re going to love this option. While it’s true that at Hotels VIVA...

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de June de 2020

Holidays in Majorca: discover our selection of top activities

Majorca is one of the planet’s most all-round islands, so it’s hardly surprising it’s been described as one of the best places to live in the world. The island offers incredible natural landscapes, culture and leisure, white sandy beaches, restaurants and a chance to practise a host of sports. It’s hard to choose among so many options, but here...

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de June de 2020

Enjoy a relaxing holiday in Mallorca with Hotels VIVA!

At Hotels VIVA we never forget that our main goal is people’s happiness. Your well-being and that of our employees provide the solid foundation on which we open, year after year, to welcome families, friends and couples, who come together to have an unforgettable time thanks to our facilities and the incredible team of people who make up Hotels...

Elisabeth Blue | 5 de June de 2020

🏌️Best golf hotels in Mallorca for improving your game⛳

Mallorca boasts an ideal climate for playing golf, which is why we’re offering you a selection of special hotels for golfers.

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de May de 2020

🛒Mallorcan markets: a tour of the best markets in Mallorca 🧀

Mallorca holds weekly markets across the length and breadth of the island. Every day of the week stallholders can be found selling their fresh produce throughout Mallorca. They offer a highly attractive activity for those keen travellers who love immersing themselves in the culture and identity of the places they visit.

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de May de 2020

Hotels VIVA boosts the training of its employees during the health crisis

Hotels VIVA has opted to improve its employees’ training during the suspension of operations caused by COVID-19. From the chain’s perspective, staff training is a key factor in achieving success. We strive to ensure that by updating and acquiring new skillsets our workers can continue to flourish, both professionally and personally. We have chosen...

Elisabeth Blue | 22 de May de 2020

Tips for travelling with children in comfort

At Hotels VIVA we’re specialists in family holidays, and the fact is that when the family grows, getting yourself organised and preparing for a well-merited holiday can become somewhat chaotic. We make it easy for you: our family hotels are equipped with facilities and a tailored programme of events so that travelling with children becomes an...

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de May de 2020

Discover the towns and villages of Mallorca with Hotels VIVA

If you’re thinking of coming for a holiday on Mallorca and you’d like to discover its more hidden-away corners, at Hotels VIVA we’ll give you a first-hand guide to the most attractive towns and villages on the island

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de May de 2020

Felanitx: history, tradition and craftsmanship on the island

Felanitx is one of Mallorca’s least known towns. Located to the south east of Mallorca, its population is overwhelmingly indigenous.

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de May de 2020

Take a stroll around Mallorca’s most iconic ports!

Anyone who loves the ocean finds proximity to the sea is a byword for peace and connecting with life. This is why we would like to introduce you today to the ports of Mallorca, packed with history, culture and nature. Savouring a peaceful stroll alongside the moored craft is one of the best activities you can do if you visit the ports of Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de April de 2020

The best places to go climbing on Mallorca

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Fancy trying out a new experience on your holidays? Mallorca has acquired international fame as a climbing venue, especially for the variety known as deep-water soloing, which consists of the rope-free climbing of cliff faces that rise vertically out of the sea.

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de April de 2020

Discover the curious history of the Talaiots of Pollensa, Mallorca

Pollensa, one of Mallorca’s most emblematic towns, is home to talaiots dating back to the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de April de 2020

Journey back in time to enjoy exploring Alcudia’s old town

Alcudia is a major tourist centre in the northeast of the island of Majorca in the Balearic Archipelago. Although the area is famous for its extensive beaches, including the Playa de Muro, S'Albufera natural park, and other well-known tourist attractions, the village of Alcúdia, set further inland from the Port d'Alcudia, also boasts a...

Elisabeth Blue | 21 de April de 2020

Discover the best places for horse riding on Mallorca

Horse riding on Mallorca is one of the best things you can experience on the island. With this activity you can enjoy horse riding on the beach, magical scenery and the possibility of getting to know the island while remaining in direct contact with nature.

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de April de 2020



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