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Recipes for two
with salt and pepper
Taste a gastronomic trip as a couple

Discover our VIVA Adults Only gastronomic guide

Can there be any better proof of love that to surprise your partner or special someone with a delicious meal?

We have prepared 3 special menus! We have chosen them because they are bound to be a success whether you are an accomplished cook or a complete novice.   

This is your chance to enjoy cooking and to share that enjoyment!

First course
Salmon pastries with apple
This may seem like a strange combination at first, but I can assure you that the dish tastes wonderful. The combination of the salmon with the sweetness of the apples is really something special
wall-clock Preparation: 20 min  potCooking time: 20 min
Second course
Pork loin stuffed with dates and bacon with Roquefort.
Doesn’t the idea of a pork loin baked with a filling of dates and bacon make your mouth water?
wall-clockPreparaction: 30 min potCooking time: 45 min
Chocolate-coated strawberries
The simplest things are often the most sensual and delicious, such as these strawberries covered with delicious chocolate
wall-clockPreparation: 30 min  potCocoking time: 30 min
First course
Sole timbale with mushrooms and prawns
We shall start this menu with an appetizing first course made of fish which practically melts in your mouth. Sole, a fish which is rich is phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, but is delicate to handle, gentle with it.
wall-clockPreparation: 30 min  potCooking time: 45 min
Second course
Duck breast in port
The breast is one of the juiciest parts of a duck, it is a very fatty meat that combines well with this strong sweet, highly aromatic wine. A perfect dish for a special dinner or occasion.
wall-clockPreparation: 30 min  potCooking time: 45 min
Champagne sorbet 
As a toast, to celebrate any occasion, it doesn’t really matter. This lemon and cava sorbet is always a great idea.
wall-clockPreparation: 30 min  potCooking time: 0 min
First course
Avocado soup
Refreshing, with a delicious creamy texture.
wall-clockPreparation: 30 min  potCooking time: 15 min
Second course
Turbot with fried garlic shoots and prawns 
This is a dish which is healthy, quick and very tasty. Your partner will be delighted with this.
wall-clockPreparation: 30 min  potCooking time: 30 min
Chocolate fondue 
What could be more sensual that dipping pieces of cake or fruit in hot chocolate. Chocolate fondue is an ideal dessert for a romantic time will tell...
wall-clockPreparation: 20 min  potCooking time: 10 min


Whether or not you have children, sometimes it’s a good idea for you and your partner to charge your batteries with a spot of romance, relaxation and calm.

At VIVA Hotels we are well aware of this, which is why we propose that you and your partner relax and enjoy yourselves at an Only Adults Hotel.

These hotels for couples, VIVA Adults Only Vare specially planned and for couples to enjoy themselves, taking care of the slightest details: rooms with jacuzzi, private beaches, options for relaxed sports, such as golf, and of course, deluxe gourmet dining.

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  • You can enjoy a very personal avant-garde gourmet experience with your partner from our experienced chef, with such original dishes as his “ensaimada pizza”, which is a pizza made on an ensaimada base and dressed with local specialities such as sobrasada.

  • Or you can choose from a spectacular range of tapas such as lobster croquettes, barbecued octopus, marinated cod, Iberic ham, crisp flatbread...

  • Of course, there are also our fresh and original salads. In the mornings there is also a menu of paellas to enjoy beside the sea, accompanied by impeccable views, as well as a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

  • In the selection of meat, you can find excellent cuts such as veal entrecôte or sirloin steak, and in the fish part there are the lobster with potatoes and fried eggs and sea bass baked in salt.

  • In the evening, the paella is replaced by a barbecue with cuts of meat such as sirloin or angus cutlets.