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At Hotels VIVA, we are fully aware that the prosperity of the tourist sector fundamentally depends on the well-being of our society and the natural environment. And we are profoundly grateful. We realise that the success of our offer owes so much to the stunning settings in which our hotels are located. On this basis, we, at Hotels VIVA, have always taken steps to ensure that our development throughout Majorca is genuinely sustainable, because we hold this fantastic island dear to our hearts and we understand that we have a duty to take care of our planet. Our approach has been recognised according to international standards whose validity we now strive to maintain by promoting efficient and responsible consumption throughout our hotels and devising protocols and programmes which prioritise initiatives such as waste management, energy saving and the preservation of limited resources, e.g. water.

To this end, the initiatives of the Hotels VIVA Foundation are based on 3 key aspects: Environment, Society and Culture: under the Foundation's legal framework, these aspects have been the driving force behind all the initiatives that we have undertaken in the past.

To date, we have introduced many initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility which, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to further consolidate in order to help out the most vulnerable groups in our society. We have made a great deal of cash and food donations and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the many volunteers who have been with us every step of the way.

Even so, we will continue to support the initiatives of various local charities via the Hotels VIVA Foundation. These initiatives include sponsoring local elite athletes in a whole range of disciplines, awarding scholarships to study at UIB, supporting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability efforts and promoting art, local culture and historical heritage.

At the Hotels VIVA Foundation, we would also like to provide a service whereby our customers are able to voice their concerns. It involves making a platform available to any guests who would like to share their experiences and help us to meet our objectives of giving something back to society and protecting the natural environment both at a local and a global level. We are well aware that our customers are staunchly committed to the natural environment and society, which is why the Foundation's initiatives also take on board what they have to say.

One of the fundamental objectives of the Hotels VIVA Foundation is social assistance. We want to provide assistance to the most disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised people in our society or to anyone who is going through a difficult time and trying to get by as best they can. Our response involves making food donations, working alongside humanitarian organisations to ensure that these individuals receive psychological support and that addicts have access to the assistance they need to overcome their addiction, and helping vulnerable women, etc.

We also believe that we benefit from culture in that it defines us as a society, it increases our sensitivity, it enriches our lives, it makes us free and it helps us to make progress. That is why we contribute to local cultural projects via Fundació Es Convent, a private equity and non-profit foundation which endeavours to promote our art and our culture. This foundation promotes music and local young talent. It also supports the cultural diversification of all areas outside of Palma de Mallorca by organising courses, conferences, exhibitions, etc. and it promotes the dissemination and restoration of cultural heritage.

The Hotels VIVA Foundation is seeking to establish a legal framework to promote the solidarity work and general commitment to Majorcan society, its needs, its culture, its sustainable development and its talent. This mechanism will be used to put into action all the initiatives that have been developed as well as future projects. It will rely not only on the efforts of Hotels VIVA, but also on the input of all customers and employees of this small hotel chain who would like to share their ideas, suggestions and contributions. Thank you for continuing to support this commitment.



We will donate to associations and individuals to:

Help fighting hunger and provide social assistance. Foster the reintegration of people with special vulnerability. We will make contributions to associations and individuals who support academic education and with those conducting research in order to improve well-being and health.



We will donate to associations and individuals to:

Contribute to the preservation of the environment and our natural surroundings. Contain the climate change by promoting responsible consumer behavior and minimizing waste. We will support associations and individuals working on sustainable development and energy efficiency.



We will donate to associations and individuals to:

Contribute to the promotion of cultural initiatives, focusing on our local culture. Support artists, craftsmen and athletes from our immediate surroundings. We will work with associations and individuals who prioritize the use of our local products.



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