Dear client,

Through our online reservation service you are making a tourist accommodation reservation, subject to the following conditions:



1.1    This service is aimed only and exclusively at people of legal age, with the necessary legal capacity to hire the services offered on this website. The user declares he/she knows and expressly accepts the conditions hereby.


1.2    As a general rule, the availability and price of special service requests that could not be included in the calculation of the online reservation will remain pending confirmation by the hotel.


1.3    Client registration: Utilizing the services of this website requires the client to be registered. The user is responsible for the accuracy of the data entered during the client registration process. Hotels VIVA is not responsible for any consequences that may arise from the introduction of false or incorrect information. The client must also retain and keep safe with utmost diligence, the codes and passwords that allows him/her access to the Mi Viva service. Hotels Viva will not be responsible for damages caused as a consequence of the unlawful use of the said information by third parties.


1.4    Likewise, with regard to personal information provided by the client, he/she states that they expressly accept that Hotels VIVA may continue with the:
a) Inclusion in an electronic personal data file as necessary for the adequate provision of services.
b) Communication of this data to third parties when necessary for the adequate provision of services contracted.
c) Use of the data received to undertake commercial and promotional actions aimed at the client, in order to inform them of possible offers and/or promotions, or simple communications.


1.4.1    The exercise of the right of cancellation by the client of the consent granted for Hotels VIVA to exercise those powers conferred by this clause shall be expressed by the client in an e-mail to, which shall include his/her express wish to this regard .
Pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999 (LOPD), on the Protection of Personal Information, we hereby inform you that your personal information will be included in a file held by Inversiones Pascual S.L. The authorised use or transfer of this data and the terms and conditions are given in detail on the Hotels Viva group website (
You may exercise your right to access, amend and cancel your information by writing to this effect to: Inversiones Pascual S.L. C/ Agustín Argüelles, 1 de Alcudia (Balearic Islands), attaching a copy of your Spanish national ID card or passport; or you may send an email to, the company responsible for handling your information.


1.5    Upon arrival at the hotel, you must submit the online reservation voucher at reception. Furthermore, you will also be requested to pay the whole amount of your booking when you arrive at the hotel, unless this has been paid beforehand.


1.6    When you make your online booking and receive confirmation of this, you should type in your credit card details as a guarantee, unless this is a booking made through an agency or a booking using special conditions, such as non-refundable bookings.


1.7    The total and final calculation for the booking will include VAT, unless this is expressly not included. Any other tax affecting your final price shall be additionally paid for at the hotel. You can read more information about this at  Taxes for tourist stays.


1.8    As a general rule, and unless otherwise expressly agreed, the rooms can be used according to availability from 3 pm on the arrival date, and shall be vacated before 11 noon of checkout day. The reservation is guaranteed until 6pm on the arrival date. If you think you will arrive at the hotel at a different time from those stated, it would be convenient to let the hotel know as much in advance as possible of such a circumstance.


1.9    The offers are valid only during the period fixed by Hotels VIVA in advertising, or otherwise, during the time that they are effectively accessible to clients for contracting.


1.10    VIVA Suites & Spa Adults Only 16+ and VIVA Golf Adults Only 18+: these two hotels are exclusively for adults. Access for people under 16 and 18 years old respectively, will not be allowed. Any bookings not fulfilling this requirement will not be accepted. 


1.11 The website may contain typographical errors, omissions, or technical inaccuracies u.relating to the information displayed, including but not limited to: Information on applicable fees, rates, or availability. Hotels VIVA assumes no liability for typographical, photographic or technical errors or incorrect price information on our website (including errors indicating prices for accommodation). We therefore reserve the right to make changes or corrections or make improvements to the website and the services described at any time without prior notice, even after a reservation has been confirmed.



2.1    Bookings made by card as a guarantee.


2.1.1    The hotel reserves the right to check that your card is valid. If the card is not valid, you will be asked, either by phone or email, to provide a new one within 24 hours. If this card is also invalid, the booking will then be cancelled.


2.1.2    You may cancel the booking free of charge if you do this before the time limit set out in the cancellation policy. Cancellations may be made either through the MiViva section of the website, or by email at, or by telephone on +34 971 86 95 00. You must always give your booking number.


2.1.3    Cancellations after this free cancellation period will incur costs as set out for each tariff.


2.1.4    If you do not appear at the hotel, without any prior notification, you will be charged for the whole stay.


2.2    Bookings on Non-refundable tariffs: the "non-refundable" tariff does not involve any refund under any circumstances of the amount paid. The booking amount will be charged in full at the time confirmation of the booking is made, regardless of the date the client arrives.


2.3    Should Hotels VIVA send notification of cancellation of booking due to reasons of force majeure, defined as those circumstances, abnormal and unforeseeable, beyond the control of the affected party, the consequences of which would have been unavoidable despite having acted with due diligence; the reservation will be cancelled without the right to appeal or compensation by the user or client.  These circumstances shall be reported, if possible, via the same channel used for the reservation confirmation.



3.1    Bookings using a card as a guarantee:


3.1.1    Bookings may only be changed by sending an email to, indicating the booking number. Any changes to the booking will be subject to availability at the hotel, and the terms and conditions and prices current on the date the amendment is made, will be applied.


3.2    Bookings with Non-refundable tariffs: these bookings may not be changed.



4.1    All the information provided to the client will be binding for the offeror, under the terms of consumers’ protection laws.


4.2    Every user of tourist services has the right to goods and services of the category or legal requirements they acquired, or of a quality consistent with the category of the tourist facilities where they hired them.


4.3    All the facilities should have a complaints book available to clients where the latter can register their complaints. In order to submit a complaint, request these sheets, complete them with your personal details, and clearly state the reason for your complaint.



When enjoying the hired tourist services, all users have the following obligations:

5.1    To pay the price of the services hired; submitting a complaint will not exempt you from this.

5.2    To comply with the particular rules of the hotel whose services you are enjoying.

5.3    To observe rules of hygiene, education and good manners towards the rest of the users and staff at the hotel providing you with their service.

5.4    To respect the environment.

6. Hotels VIVA reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate to the stated conditions.


7. The client accepts that the law applicable to the operation of this service is Spanish Law, and submits to the jurisdiction and Court of Palma de Mallorca (the Balearic Islands) for the resolution of conflicts derived from the interpretation and application of this contract hereby.