Descubre los mejores lugares donde ver el atardecer en Mallorca

En Mallorca a la hora del atardecer el cielo toma un color muy especial, ni siquiera los mallorquines se acostumbran a la belleza que ofrece el cielo a última hora, con una combinación de tonos amarillentos, anaranjados, rosados y, a veces, notas de un azul intenso.

Diana Pons | 2 de September de 2020

Discover the best places to enjoy the Mallorca sunset

When the sun goes down on Mallorca the sky takes on a very special hue, and not even the islanders can tire of the beauty displayed by the heavens as dusk approaches,with a combination of yellowy, reddish, pink and sometimes intense blue tones.

Elisabeth Blue | 2 de September de 2020

Discover the best places to enjoy the Mallorca sunset

When the sun goes down on Mallorca the sky takes on a very special hue, and not even the islanders can tire of the beauty displayed by the heavens as dusk approaches,with a combination of yellowy, reddish, pink and sometimes intense blue tones.

Elisabeth Blue | 2 de September de 2020

Mallorca excursions to help you feel free again

There’s an enthusiasm for life that nothing and nobody can take away from us. There are always reasons to smile if you look in the right direction. Where would you like to be?

Elisabeth Blue | 31 de August de 2020

Discover the Natural Park of Mondragó: idyllic nature and beaches

Tucked away in the district of Santanyí is the Natural Park of Mondragó. It is an ideal place if you want to discover the typically bucolic landscape of the island in depth. Predominating in its 766 hectares, of which 95 are public land, are almond trees, fig trees and carob trees.

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de August de 2020

Golf in Mallorca: The best plans for your sports holidays.

Mallorca is one of the world’s most attractive destinations thanks to its climate, natural environment, and entertainment offering. If you’re thinking about going on a golfing holiday, we’ll put you in touch with our team of golf specialists at Hotels VIVA.

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de August de 2020

August outings in Mallorca with a touch of paradise

August is one of the most popular months in the Mediterranean because every day is a good day for enjoying its beaches and coves.

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de August de 2020

Everything you want to know before booking your holiday to Mallorca. Hotels VIVA has the answers!

The world has changed - that’s a fact. And here at Hotels VIVA we’re changing withit. Keeping our positive attitude, driven by our motto “FUN BEGINS HERE!”, we’veput in place every measure to ensure that, whatever happens, you don’t have toforgo your well-deserved holiday.In this life, having the right attitude makes everything much better. And...

Diana Pons | 12 de August de 2020

Mallorca’s hidden beaches: We reveal this Mediterranean island’s.

Mallorca is just the right size to easily get across from one side to the other and yet still surprise you with new places to explore. With so much coastline, even locals continue to discover Mallorca’s hidden beaches with their crystal-blue water.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de August de 2020


Beach Club VIVA Suites

Elisabeth Blue | 5 de August de 2020

Cala Mesquida, excursions and activities to suit all tastes

Cala Mesquida has a whole host attractions: apart from being one of Mallorca’s most beautiful beaches, it is easily accessible and offers all manner of services ensuring that any visit is an ideal combination of the natural setting and convenience.

Elisabeth Blue | 29 de July de 2020

Discover where to find the best Mallorca hotel offers!

Let’s be honest: we all love going on holidays, especially when we find the best quality at the best price.

Elisabeth Blue | 23 de July de 2020

Discover our selection of Adults Only hotels in Mallorca

There are some things that people tend not to tell you, such as the way kids are wonderful, but their boundless energy can make us adults overlook our own needs and relegate ourselves to the background. To have the energy to provide, coddle, care for, and educate, it’s essential to recharge one’s batteries and feel well in oneself! We suggest...

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de July de 2020

Family hotels in Mallorca: meet Bufo and discover our pirate ship!

When parents come to Hotels VIVA and spend their holiday at one of our family hotels, it opens up a new world for them!

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de July de 2020

Things to do in Mallorca in July to enjoy paradise

Mallorca is an island that’s special because (to pick just one reason) it offers a great deal of things to do throughout the whole year. And of its twelve months of fun, nature parks, cultural life and cuisine, the best month is July.

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de July de 2020

Playa de Muro hotels, the area with the best paellas on the island!

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” as the saying goes, and in accordance with this advice it’s worth devoting an entire post to one of Mallorcan residents’ favourite areas. Why, you might be wondering?

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de July de 2020

Book our apartments in Mallorca for risk-free holidays with the Care & Safety plan by VIVA


At Hotels VIVA we have a new goal and it’s for you to enjoy your holidays with complete peace of mind. These days, given the circumstances, a good holiday is needed more than ever; however, we know that the safety, prevention and cleanliness measures are key to enabling you to enjoy your break to the full. This is why we’ve implemented our ...

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de June de 2020

We reveal all the advantages of an Adults Only hotel in Mallorca!

Whether you have children or you enjoy life with your partner or on your own, when you envisage your holiday it’s no doubt surrounded by peace and quiet. We know that many parents choose Hotels VIVA because they offer an extremely broad range of entertainment for the youngest members of the household at their family hotels.

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de June de 2020

Discover our cycling hotels in Mallorca

At Hotels VIVA we have a selection of hotels specially prepared for practising sports. During the off season, it’s common at Hotels VIVA to see elite athletes who want to hone their abilities with their team and trainer. Teams of triathletes and the world champion Mario Mola count on us year after year. Out of all sports, if there’s one that we...

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de June de 2020

Excursions in Majorca for all: family, friends…

A holiday on Mallorca is always a good idea: whether you’re travelling with your partner, friends or family, the island offers an endless range of leisure activities and places to visit. And out of all these options, if there’s one thing that leaves visitors to the largest of the Balearic islands open-mouthed in admiration it’s undoubtedly its...

Elisabeth Blue | 12 de June de 2020

Hotels in Mallorca with a private pool, the ideal post-lockdown plan

For those who most enjoy their privacy or those looking for a very special holiday, at Hotels VIVA we offer rooms with a private pool. If you want to savour all the benefits, cuisine, activities, programmed events and marvels of Mallorca far away from crowded swimming pools you’re going to love this option. While it’s true that at Hotels VIVA...

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de June de 2020

Holidays in Majorca: discover our selection of top activities

Majorca is one of the planet’s most all-round islands, so it’s hardly surprising it’s been described as one of the best places to live in the world. The island offers incredible natural landscapes, culture and leisure, white sandy beaches, restaurants and a chance to practise a host of sports. It’s hard to choose among so many options, but here...

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de June de 2020

Enjoy a relaxing holiday in Mallorca with Hotels VIVA!

At Hotels VIVA we never forget that our main goal is people’s happiness. Your well-being and that of our employees provide the solid foundation on which we open, year after year, to welcome families, friends and couples, who come together to have an unforgettable time thanks to our facilities and the incredible team of people who make up Hotels...

Elisabeth Blue | 5 de June de 2020

🏌️Best golf hotels in Mallorca for improving your game⛳

Mallorca boasts an ideal climate for playing golf, which is why we’re offering you a selection of special hotels for golfers.

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de May de 2020

🛒Mallorcan markets: a tour of the best markets in Mallorca 🧀

Mallorca holds weekly markets across the length and breadth of the island. Every day of the week stallholders can be found selling their fresh produce throughout Mallorca. They offer a highly attractive activity for those keen travellers who love immersing themselves in the culture and identity of the places they visit.

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de May de 2020

Hotels VIVA boosts the training of its employees during the health crisis

Hotels VIVA has opted to improve its employees’ training during the suspension of operations caused by COVID-19. From the chain’s perspective, staff training is a key factor in achieving success. We strive to ensure that by updating and acquiring new skillsets our workers can continue to flourish, both professionally and personally. We have...

Elisabeth Blue | 22 de May de 2020

Tips for travelling with children in comfort

At Hotels VIVA we’re specialists in family holidays, and the fact is that when the family grows, getting yourself organised and preparing for a well-merited holiday can become somewhat chaotic. We make it easy for you: our family hotels are equipped with facilities and a tailored programme of events so that travelling with children becomes an...

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de May de 2020

Discover the towns and villages of Mallorca with Hotels VIVA

If you’re thinking of coming for a holiday on Mallorca and you’d like to discover its more hidden-away corners, at Hotels VIVA we’ll give you a first-hand guide to the most attractive towns and villages on the island

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de May de 2020

Felanitx: history, tradition and craftsmanship on the island

Felanitx is one of Mallorca’s least known towns. Located to the south east of Mallorca, its population is overwhelmingly indigenous.

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de May de 2020

Take a stroll around Mallorca’s most iconic ports!

Anyone who loves the ocean finds proximity to the sea is a byword for peace and connecting with life. This is why we would like to introduce you today to the ports of Mallorca, packed with history, culture and nature. Savouring a peaceful stroll alongside the moored craft is one of the best activities you can do if you visit the ports of...

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de April de 2020

The best places to go climbing on Mallorca

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Fancy trying out a new experience on your holidays? Mallorca has acquired international fame as a climbing venue, especially for the variety known as deep-water soloing, which consists of the rope-free climbing of cliff faces that rise vertically out of the sea.

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de April de 2020

Discover the curious history of the Talaiots of Pollensa, Mallorca

Pollensa, one of Mallorca’s most emblematic towns, is home to talaiots dating back to the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de April de 2020

Journey back in time to enjoy exploring Alcudia’s old town

Alcudia is a major tourist centre in the northeast of the island of Majorca in the Balearic Archipelago. Although the area is famous for its extensive beaches, including the Playa de Muro, S'Albufera natural park, and other well-known tourist attractions, the village of Alcúdia, set further inland from the Port d'Alcudia, also boasts a...

Elisabeth Blue | 21 de April de 2020

Discover the best places for horse riding on Mallorca

Horse riding on Mallorca is one of the best things you can experience on the island. With this activity you can enjoy horse riding on the beach, magical scenery and the possibility of getting to know the island while remaining in direct contact with nature.

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de April de 2020

The wine tour: indulge yourself with wine tasting on Mallorca

One of the most widespread crops grown on Mallorca is the grapevine, which helps to explain the fact that the island offers an intriguing range of bodegas of varying sizes and output. Wine tourism is on the up and up due to many of these bodegas throwing open their doors and offering a fascinating insight, enabling you not only to sample the...

Elisabeth Blue | 15 de April de 2020

The sun is going to shine again. And you? Where will you want to be? Don’t cancel, postpone your Mallorca holidays

Now more than ever we need to show solidarity as a society in order to return to normality, but based on greater awareness; based on the importance of those hugs and the proximity to our friends that right now we miss so much.

Elisabeth Blue | 13 de April de 2020

Hotels VIVA takes part and collaborates in the fight against coronavirus.

Hotels VIVA would like to express the gratitude of the company for all those people who are toiling ceaselessly in the fight against the pandemic we are currently enduring. There have been a host of initiatives revealing the tremendous solidarity of members of the public, while the efforts of healthcare workers, delivery drivers, shop...

Elisabeth Blue | 7 de April de 2020

At VIVA we want our FUN BEGINS HERE! spirit to stay with you at this challenging time

We strongly believe in the transformative power of music. Music transports us through time and brings back happy memories…

Elisabeth Blue | 31 de March de 2020

The sun will rise again

At Hotels VIVA, the safety, health and well-being of our customers is our main priority. As a result, we would like to pass on our support to all those affected by the coronavirus COVID-19.

Xavier Català | 23 de March de 2020

The best of Mallorcan food at Easter

The inhabitants of Mallorca, as well as celebrating Easter as a religious occasion, also look forward to it as a time of culinary tradition, with lamb playing a leading role in many of their dishes. Mallorcan food is mouth-watering at any time of year, but at Easter people get together with their families and cook typical local dishes, which...

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de March de 2020

Feel the adrenaline of windsurfing in Mallorca

One of the wonderful things about Mallorca, apart from its natural beauty, is its wide variety of activities geared to all tastes. You can enjoy everything from completely laid-back holidays, with the tranquillity of the sea within arm’s reach, to a full-on holiday involving windsurfing in Mallorca and a host of other exciting water sports. 

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de March de 2020

Enjoy a Mallorca spring break doing the Almond Tree tour

Spring is a perfect time of year for visiting charming aspects of Mallorca apart from its beaches. From March to May, many people take advantage of the tranquillity and congenial climate to explore it in the open air and the natural attractions that Mallorca harbours in spring, without being overwhelmed by crowds. 

Elisabeth Blue | 13 de March de 2020

A descent to the Mediterranean from the Torrent de Pareis canyon

The Torrent de Pareis is undoubtedly one of the most impressive natural sights of the Balearic Islands. To the north of Mallorca, where the Sierra de Tramuntana meets the sea, there’s a hidden valley of vertical rock formations up to 200 metres in height that have been sculpted by the action of water over thousands of years.  

Diana Pons | 12 de March de 2020

Porto Cristo, Mallorca’s most emblematic fishing port

Anyone wishing to discover the charms of Mallorca mustn’t pass up the chance to visit Porto Cristo, a small fishing village suffused with tranquillity and beauty in a natural setting. This destination is perfect for those looking for a well-merited holiday far removed from the madding crowd, but with a host of activities to enjoy. 

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de March de 2020

Everything you need to know before travelling to Mallorca!

If you’ve chosen Mallorca as your next holiday destination, we’re confident that you’ll have a wonderful time. The island of Mallorca is the largest of the islands that make up the Balearic archipelago. Its climate is the subject of envy virtually all year round, its inhabitants being lucky enough to enjoy 300 days of sunshine and an average...

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de March de 2020

Formentor: a Mediterranean literary enclave and natural idyll

Tucked away in a north point of Mallorca is one of the island’s most emblematic places: the Formentor peninsula. Here is a paradise of cliffs, white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. 

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de March de 2020

Would you like to visit Mallorca’s most attractive lighthouses? Here’s the Hotels VIVA selection

If you’re a fan of the Mediterranean’s many charms, you should know that its finest lighthouses are to be found in Mallorca. For many people, visiting lighthouses represents an important part of finding out about a community’s culture and way of life. Mallorca’s lighthouses are treasure troves of history and art, so whatever you do, don’t miss...

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de February de 2020

Why choose one of our all-inclusive Family Hotels in Mallorca?

Going on family-friendly holidays doesn’t have to entail a stressful experience provided you select the best all-inclusive family hotels. The key to turning family holidays into unforgettable experiences that endure in the memory for many years to come is finding accommodation that offers a range of alternatives to suit all tastes. 

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de February de 2020

Introducing our unmissable innovations for the 2020 season

What do you expect from your holiday or your business trip? Comfort? Privacy? Delicious cuisine? The sustainability of your hotel? All these are things we want to cover here, because they’re the most striking aspects of the upgrades commissioned by Hotels VIVA for the 2020 season.

Let’s get down to details – we’re anxious that you don’t miss...

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de February de 2020

Mallorca, an ideal paradise for bicycle touring.

Touring around a new island by bicycle is a fun way of exploring it. This is why lovers of bicycle touring choose Mallorca as one of the foremost places in the world for cycling. Mallorca offers more than 700 km of secondary roads that are ideal for this activity. Its landscapes, its pleasant climate, with an average temperature of 18° C even...

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de February de 2020

Travel back in time with the legendary Sóller Train and visit the town with the best oranges on Mallorca

No visit to Mallorca is complete without visiting Sóller, a delightful town located in the midst of a valley of orange groves, known as the valley of gold, because this area became prosperous in its day thanks to the growing of citrus fruit. This is why it’s known as the town with the best oranges on Mallorca!

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de February de 2020

The best warm winter destinations in Majorca

At this time of year, we all start to long for the summer and a chance to escape the dark, dank winter months. It’s surprising what a little winter sun can do to brighten our days! If it’s somewhere with beautiful beaches and blue skies you’re after than look no further and book your warm winter holiday with Hotels VIVA & Resorts in Majorca!

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de February de 2020

Adults only hotels in Majorca - St Valentine’s Day special!

Romance is in the air, and whether you’re a parent looking for some much deserved me-time or a child-free couple just looking to indulge in some grown up luxury, our adults only hotels in Majorca are just the getaway you need. 

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de February de 2020

Surprise your partner with a Romantic getaway for Saint Valentine’s Day

We know that there are many forms of love; you can love yourself, mother’s love, love your partner or your friends. It is always a good time to enjoy some time together with those you love, so at Hotels VIVA you can have Saint Valentine your way! and Mallorca is a perfect destination where you can enjoy  a romantic getaway in the best...

Elisabeth Blue | 7 de February de 2020

Discover our selection of hiking routes on Mallorca

Mallorca is an island that offers incredible Mediterranean vegetation and a surprising variety of routes for hikers. 

Elisabeth Blue | 6 de February de 2020

The best beaches in Mallorca for enjoying the change of seasons

Mallorca is undoubtedly one of the best places for visiting the Mediterranean’s most stunning beaches. The turquoise colour of their waters, their white sandy beaches and wooded coastlines will enfold you in the relaxing atmosphere you crave. The Mallorcan summer is well known all over the world, but there is now a growing trend of enjoying...

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de January de 2020

Discover Sa Calobra, the mountain favoured by Triathletes

The impressive triathlon circuit on Mallorca makes triathlon one of the island’s most notable sporting disciplines. Many triathletes take advantage of Mallorca’s charms to spend time training.  One of their favourite routes is Sa Calobra, located on the north western coastline of the island, in the Tramuntana mountains

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de January de 2020

The best ideas for enjoying Cala Mesquida in Mallorca

If you’re thinking about visiting the Balearic Islands, specifically Mallorca, at some point this year, you mustn’t miss Cala Mesquida, an area that boasts one of the island’s highest-rated sandy beaches. Together with Cala Moltó and Cala Agulla, this zone has been designated as a Natural Area of Special Interest by the Balearic Island...

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de January de 2020

Seeking hotels for relaxation on Mallorca? Discover our selection from Hotels VIVA

Vacations are those eagerly anticipated days of the year when we allow ourselves to pause and savour dolce far niente, the sweetness of doing nothing, and the ideal way of achieving this is to choose one of our hotels for relaxation. Forget about cooking meals, making the bed, the alarm clock…. Pure relaxation by the sea!  

Diana Pons | 20 de January de 2020

Start summer early by booking your summer holidays now with Hotels VIVA

When the year is coming to an end and you start to feel just a little deflated, what better time to start thinking about where to go on holiday this summer! You can beat the winter blues by booking your summer holidays before 31st January with Hotels VIVA to get up to 30% off!

Elisabeth Blue | 13 de January de 2020

Sport hotels, maximum performance while on holiday!

It’s likely that when you tell your friends that you love enjoying sports while on holiday, they’ll think you’re crazy. Although it’s a time meant for catching up on rest, it’s also the perfect opportunity to forget about your daily routine and spend time focusing on other activities. That’s why many people choose sport hotels where they can...

Elisabeth Blue | 7 de January de 2020

Travelling with kids. If you’re a first timer, come to a family-friendly hotel!

If just the thought of travelling with children makes you feel stressed, you’ve probably not had a good experience. Don’t worry! It’s possible to have a very good time on holiday as a family, without missing out on your well-earned rest or relaxation.

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de December de 2019

Golf in Majorca: special golf courses

Golf is played on Majorca all year round, even in winter. It’s one of the few places where you can play it during this season. When you play golf in Majorca you’ll enjoy spectacular views that provide each player with a unique experience. 

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de December de 2019

Mallorcan food: around the Christmas dinner table!

It’s important to recognise that Mallorca is not just a destination for enjoying the sun, sea and sand in summer. It’s also one of Spain’s most special gastronomic centres. Mallorcan food is simply extraordinary, boasting exquisite dishes that represent the culture across the region.

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de December de 2019

A date for your diary: here’s Mallorca’s 2020 triathlon calendar

Are you a triathlon fan? If the answer is “yes!”, make a note of Mallorca’s 2020 triathlon calendar to ensure you don’t miss a single competition on the largest of the Balearic islands. And get your bags packed!

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de December de 2019

Christmas Holidays: Give the gift of Holidays and Love with Hotels VIVA

The arrival of Father Christmas and the three wise men are undoubtedly the most special events in December, and not only because of the excitement they elicit from the youngest members of the household. Grown-ups too look forward to this brief opportunity to switch off, which we need before embarking on the new year. Don’t you agree? 

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de December de 2019

📍Best places in Majorca we’ll show you the most beautiful locations🌄

With its warm, Mediterranean climate, Majorca is home to the well-known holiday destination Palma de Mallorca and is the largest of the Balearic Islands. The island boasts stunning white sandy beaches and small coves with crystal-clear water that can’t help but entice you to forget about your routine. Majorca offers precious natural areas with...

Elisabeth Blue | 13 de December de 2019

Spa hotels: choose Hotels VIVA and pamper yourself!

Life’s already busy enough without getting stressed on one’s holidays. Vacations are when we recharge our batteries, both physically and mentally, when we indulge ourselves and relax, when we switch off and we dedicate time to our interests, spending time with the family, with friends or with one’s partner, even alone. 

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de December de 2019

🌍Holidays after Brexit: Will it affect my next trip to Majorca?🧳

If you’re a UK citizen thinking of popping over to Majorca for a much-deserved break then there are things you need to know about the impact of Brexit on your holiday after Brexit. Although, as yet, nothing is written in stone, it’s always best to be prepared. At the time of writing, the UK Government has set the date of 31st January 2020 to...

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de December de 2019

📍The Best Majorca Holidays with the My VIVA Loyalty Programme🤩


The island of Majorca, in the Balearic archipelago, is the ideal destination for enjoying your holidays. It is one of the best places in Spain where you can make the most of the good climate, since the weather in Majorca is pleasant throughout the year. In addition, the combination of coastal and city landscapes in one place means that your ...

Elisabeth Blue | 5 de December de 2019

👫Only adults hotels: In 2020, Vanity will become VIVA Adults Only🏩

Over the course of our 20-year history, at Hotels VIVA we have given top priority to satisfying the expectations of our guests and partners. The trust you have placed in us has helped us grow and improve! Thanks to you, Hotels VIVA is now stronger than ever.

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de November de 2019

🏨 Majorca holidays all inclusive : give the wallet a rest👛

When it comes to travelling, improvisation can make for a great adventure. But as far as expenses are concerned, what concerns us most is when they get out of control. Is it possible to enjoy family holidays without fretting about money? For sure! Our all-inclusive hotels on Majorca are what you need to forget about any concerns. 

Elisabeth Blue | 22 de November de 2019

🛒BLACK FRIDAY 2019, book your stay with up to 30% discount🎉

November is synonymous with great deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have taken consumers by storm and there are now many people who circle the date in red on the calendar to benefit from the deals and discounts of Black Friday. With a little bit of patience and by waiting for Black Friday before making your bookings, you can benefit from...

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de November de 2019

🌅Alcudia, one of Majorca’s most attractive and magical towns🌞

Mallorca is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Spain for having a wonderful holiday, which is also why many people consider it to be the best place in the world to live. It’s a combination of nature, idyllic beaches, tradition and culture, as well as a host of fun-filled activities you can do there.

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de November de 2019

👼Universal Children's Day! At VIVA Hotels, we specialise in family friendly hotels🏨

The 20th of November is Universal Children's Day and what better way to celebrate it than enjoying a weekend with a difference with your family. And how about if we tell you that it's possible to find a hotel that is fun for the kids whilst also relaxing for adults? We know you want to switch off from the stresses and strains of everyday life...

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de November de 2019

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Enjoy a fantastic sports holiday with your family at the VIVA Sunrise Hotel🚴‍♀

At VIVA Sunrise Hotel you'll have a great time if you're looking to combine an active sports holiday with a family holiday. The hotel has extensive, well-kept common areas and offers all kinds of infrastructure and services: a high performance gym, cycling station, a large 100m2 area with pools for children and for adults, and well-kept gardens...

Elisabeth Blue | 13 de November de 2019

🌞Mallorca in November: Bask in the pleasant temperatures🌅

Now that summer’s come to an end and the trees are beginning to lose their leaves, you’ll probably wonder why we’re going to tell you that it’s a good time to enjoy a Majorca holidays. You’ll ask yourself, but what can I see in Mallorca in November? Well, you’ll be able to take in the colourful landscape on the island, wander along its streets,...

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de November de 2019

🏞Excursions in Mallorca. What you can’t miss out on!🚴🏻‍♂

Do you want to discover which excursions in Mallorca are the most popular? If you’ve decided to come and enjoy a holiday in Mallorca, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many options to choose from to suit your tastes and preferences.

Elisabeth Blue | 29 de October de 2019

👫Surprise your partner with a weekend getaway to Mallorca🌅

If there's one thing that keeps a relationship alive, it's a romantic weekend getaway to an adults only hotel. Whether there are kids at home or not, breaking with routine and bonding with that special person, chatting, laughing and discovering Mallorca's landscapes together is more than just a gift, it’s something that every couple should keep...

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de October de 2019

🌄Enjoy Mallorca’s finest views from a hot air balloon🎈

Flying in a hot air balloon is one of the most authentic and purest ways of travelling through the air. Thanks to the direct and immediate contact with your surroundings, the experience is simply breathtaking. Mallorca is the ideal location for such an experience: its landscapes, sunsets and sunrises ensure that flying over the island provides...

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de October de 2019

🏨Adults Only hotels: 7 reasons why you should love them🏩

Today, there are as many lifestyles as there are people, times have changed and the world has adapted. We travel, enjoy, explore and spend the summers beyond our own borders. In many cultures, the number 7 brings good luck, which is why we’re going to give you 7 reasons why you should experience a stay in an Adults Only hotel.

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de October de 2019

Discover the best paragliding spots in Majorca

Do you want to enjoy an intense, adrenaline-charged experience? paragliding  in Majorca gives a unique panoramic view of the island's landscape. If you're in love with extreme sports, read on.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de October de 2019

🎃Halloween at Hotels VIVA. A thousand terrifying adventures await you in our VIVA Blue & Spa Hotel👻

The TransVIVAnia Hotel is a paradise where all the little monsters can be safe during the Halloween weekend. Dracula, the Invisible Man, the Mummy and Frankenstein have decided to stay with us and spend a monstrously fun night.

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de October de 2019

🚴🏻‍♂Bike rental in Majorca for an exciting adventure🚴🏻‍♀

Nowadays, Majorca is the world paradise for cyclists, thanks to its landscape and good climate. At  Hotels VIVA we have fully equipped hotels for cyclists. To avoid any hassle while travelling, at our Cycling Station we offer a personalised bike rental service in Majorca. Here, you will find a range of high performance Scott, Specialized and...

Elisabeth Blue | 4 de October de 2019

Mirablau, the best Mediterranean restaurant in Majorca

Mirablau restaurant is located right on the beach in Alcudia. A unique location in the Hotel Vanity Golf 18+ by VIVA, which is open to the public.  The restaurant is ideal for those who want to take a breather and recharge by the beach.

Elisabeth Blue | 1 de October de 2019

Es Colomer viewpoint – the most spectacular views in Mallorca

Located at the peak of Nao de Formentor, in the north west of Mallorca, is the impressive Es Colomer viewpoint, also known by many as the Sa Creueta viewpoint. Thanks to its stunning views, it has become a real tourist attraction.

Elisabeth Blue | 26 de September de 2019

Santuari de Lluc: an oasis of calm in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana

The Santuari de Lluc, also known as the Santuari de Santa María de Lluc, is the first Marian Shrine in the Balearic Island, dating back to the 13th century. Lluc is much more than just a monastery; it forms part of Mallorcan identity.

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de September de 2019

The best coves for snorkelling in Mallorca

If you’re heading to Mallorca on holiday or just for a weekend getaway, you can’t miss out on the chance to take part in some increasingly popular water sports. Snorkelling in Mallorca is both a relaxing and interesting activity.

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de September de 2019

Recipe: Traditional frit mallorquí. Absolutely scrumptious!

The frit mallorquí  is a very popular traditional Mallorcan dish, not only with the locals but also with tourists who come to visit the island and want to tuck into the traditional regional cuisine. It can be enjoyed as a tapa/starter or as a main dish.

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de September de 2019

Es Coll Baix, the most exceptional beach you can find in Alcudia

Es Coll Baix is a beautiful small Mallorcan beach in the area near Alcudia, approximately 10 kilometres away. It is a genuine marvel for nature lovers with its tranquillity and fresh air, making it  a slice of perfect peacefulness to lose yourself in on your holidays in Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 12 de September de 2019

Discover the best nudist beaches in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca attracts thousands of tourists every year who want to break from their daily routines and there can be no doubt that Mallorca’s nudist beaches have become one of its main attractions. Nudist bathing is permitted on the island and there are many options to choose from.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de September de 2019

Cala Millor, a paradise of turquoise water in Mallorca

Cala Millor is one of those places that seem to have been created deliberately in order to ensure perfect family holidays. Located on Mallorca’s eastern shores, it consists of a coastal complex with a highly-attractive beach of white sand and crystalline waters of the purest turquoise.

Elisabeth Blue | 6 de September de 2019

Mallorca’s wines! Enjoy an authentic experience with a tour of Mallorca’s wine cellars

In this article, we’re going to let you in on a part of Mallorca you perhaps didn’t know about; the island is also known for its excellent wines. This is yet another one of the charms you’ll find in the Balearics.

Elisabeth Blue | 4 de September de 2019

The perfect outing: the Hams caves

The Coves dels Hams are a remarkable underground cave complex that are well-known around the world. They are easy to miss, however, and many people visit Mallorca without knowing about them. One reason for this oversight is that they are in Porto Cristo, very near the better-known Coves del Drach, which are a more popular attraction.

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de August de 2019

Enjoy a memorable boat trip with friends at Sa Calobra!

Sa Calobra is another of Mallorca’s natural attractions that is breathtakingly beautiful. It is an impressive conjunction of two beaches in a privileged location: between spectacular rocky cliffs and separated by the Torrent de Pareis (a river gorge).

Elisabeth Blue | 22 de August de 2019

Mallorca, the top destination for enjoying a holiday with kids this summer

Can’t decide where to go on holiday with kids? This might not be a million-dollar question, but as far as we know, there are many possible answers, some of which are sure to be right. The Balearic Islands are home to a definite contender – Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 22 de August de 2019

Fancy a dive? Discover the top spots in Alcudia

Diving is a fantastic experience. Everyone who has given it a go agrees that it’s a chance to submerge yourself (couldn’t have said it better!) in another dimension, unique for its peace and silence so pure that they seem as though they’re from a different universe. What you’ll find in the water represents a unique, unbeatable beauty,...

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de August de 2019

Book with Hotels VIVA and explore Mallorca’s historic towns

The island of Mallorca is a wonder in itself, as confirmed by the locals and millions of tourists who visit the island each year. Its 550km of coastline and 345 diverse beaches, many of which are of exceptional quality, together with its natural parks, make this island a unique charm.

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de August de 2019

Your body needs a trip to a Spa Hotel and Hotels VIVA has the solution

A spa hotel is much more than just a chance to kick back and relax in a heated pool with a variety of strength and temperature jets. The variety of treatments and circuits offered by some of these establishments is huge: all types of massage, facial and body aesthetic treatments. It’s all about wellness, a comprehensive care concept which aims...

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de August de 2019

You can’t leave Mallorca without tasting tumbet!

Mallorcan tumbet is one of the most typical, traditional dishes on the Balearic Islands. This is a true delicacy and has a lot going for it: it’s healthy as it’s made with fresh vegetables, delicious and versatile, as tumbet can be eaten either as a main or as a side dish to serve with meat, fish or fried eggs.

Elisabeth Blue | 8 de August de 2019

Hidropark, the best water park for family fun in Mallorca

Hidropark Alcudia is one of the best water parks in the Northern area of Mallorca, boasting 40,000m2 of pure fun in the beautiful, special area of the Port of Alcudia. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying a day of family fun; convenient and relaxing, as it’s not the busiest part of the Island. You can forget about long queues!

Elisabeth Blue | 7 de August de 2019

Hotels VIVA for Adults Only, and the many things that make them special

More and more people dream of a romantic break in a hotel catering exclusively for adults. The idea behind this type of hotel is one that focuses on exclusivity, relaxation, elegance and comfort in a setting where serenity and intimacy predominate.

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de August de 2019

The best summer parties in Mallorca: local festivities!

Mallorca’s traditional, local festivities are among its attractions. During the summer months, Mallorca’s towns celebrate their traditional festivities, which consist of parties in public squares packed with outdoor concerts and activities. These are popular not only among the locals, but across the island. The Mallorcan people plan a route...

Elisabeth Blue | 1 de August de 2019

Discover all-inclusive holidays at VIVA Sunrise

A holiday at an all-inclusive hotel is a popular option, especially among families with children, as it’s even more relaxing when your meals and most of the services are already paid for.

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de July de 2019

Discover the summer markets in Mallorca's north

One of the attractions in Mallorca are its summer markets and festivals. If you're lucky enough to spend your holiday in eastern Mallorca, we recommend you visiting some of these markets, since that way you'll get to know traditional and genuine Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 23 de July de 2019

Cyclists, book for the Mallorca 312 now!

The 25th of April 2020 will be a big day for cycle tourism. One of the most highly anticipated and spectacular cycling events will take place on this day: The Mallorca 312. A truly unique challenge, consisting of completing a 312 km route in just 14 hours. And Hotels VIVA is one of the event's sponsors.

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de July de 2019

Grandparents’ Day is celebrated with family holidays!

Grandparents’ Day is celebrated in Spain on 26 July. It entails a well-merited homage to these much-loved people who, in a completely selfless way and at no small cost to themselves, take responsibility for their grandchildren, caring for them and giving them all the affection in the world.

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de July de 2019

Enjoy Mallorca’s best gastronomic tour

Mallorca’s gastronomy is one of its strong points and can be enjoyed in many ways: from Michelin star restaurants to the most popular tours, but all equally exquisite. You can take a wander around many markets and street markets where you can taste or buy excellent artisan products.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de July de 2019

The summer holidays are here… Mallorca awaits you!

Almost without realising it we have come once again to that special time of year: the summer holidays. If, out of all the possible options, you’ve chosen to spend your holidays on Mallorca we can only congratulate you on your choice, which strikes us as being spot on. And if you don’t yet have anything planned, we urge you to spend your...

Elisabeth Blue | 9 de July de 2019

Delight your partner with a hotel boasting a private pool!

Dreamlike coves and beaches, nature at its most pristine, fascinating cultural excursions, playing your favourite sport in an unbeatable setting, mouth-watering cuisine, nights out at the best bars and clubs… who can ask for more? Well, hard to believe as it may be, it’s possible…

Elisabeth Blue | 4 de July de 2019

July is festival time in Cala Ratjada!

If you are interested in local festivities, July is one of the busiest months of the year.  This is the month when Cala Ratjada celebrates the day of its patron, the Virgen de Carmen.  The saint is still honoured in the traditional way, with flowers, plenty of local food and lots of music.

Elisabeth Blue | 3 de July de 2019

Get ready for this tour! 5 days in Mallorca!

What is there to do in Mallorca? Well, there are so many possibilities that the biggest problem is realising when you leave that that there are still loads of interesting things to do.

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de June de 2019

Five tips for enjoying a family day at Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro in the northeast of Palma de Mallorca is a very popular tourist spot given its length - at six kilometres, it is the longest on the island. It is also very close to two charming villages: Muro and Alcudia. It’s a fun, family-friendly beach that abounds with hotels, restaurants, ice cream parlours, cafes and a wide range of...

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de June de 2019

The blue flag, the standard that flies over the beaches of Mallorca

The beaches of the Balearic coast and Mallorca in particular are famous for their beauty and their exceptional quality, whether in terms of their waters, their sand or their services. And in this case, it is a reputation that is more than deserved.

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de June de 2019

Five tips for choosing the best all-inclusive hotel on Mallorca

Staying at an all-inclusive hotel on Mallorca has the advantage of not having to worry about anything except having a great time and relaxing. The kids love it too because they have everything in one place, they can do and eat as they please and they don’t waste time looking for places to eat lunch and dinner. Put another way, they have all the...

Elisabeth Blue | 18 de June de 2019

Forget stress with our 100% natural VIVA treatments!

At Hotels VIVA we offer our guests a Balneum & Spa Wellness service, mainly focused on relaxation and wellbeing. The list of treatments is impressive: sauna, Turkish baths, water circuits, spa treatments, facial treatments…

Elisabeth Blue | 13 de June de 2019

Where to eat the best pa amb oli

One of Mallorca’s most iconic traditional dishes, and one of its most delicious, is pa amb oli, literally “bread with oil”, which dates back to the 18th century, the recipe first being recorded by the Mallorcan monk Jaume Josep Bernat Martí i Oliver, a scholar and historic defender of Mallorcan cuisine.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de June de 2019

Hotels with slides: a passionate pastime for kids

Hotels with waterslides are a great bet for family holidays because they’re always a sure-fire winner, given that the smallest members of the household and many grown ups go crazy for them.

Elisabeth Blue | 7 de June de 2019

Explore Mallorca’s most unusual spots at the Mondragó Natural Park

The Mondragó Natural Park, declared a Natural Park in 1992, is located in the south east of Mallorca, just 5 kilometres from the town of Santanyí. It’s an incredibly stunning natural area, characterised by an extremely diverse landscape where you can find everything from white sandy coves and imposing cliffs to pine forests, all living in...

Elisabeth Blue | 31 de May de 2019

Where to enjoy the best Mallorcan ensaimadas

Chocolate, cream, angel hair, sobrasada (smoked sausage paste) or even pumpkin, plain or sprinkled with icing sugar, Mallorcan ensaimadas come in plenty of combinations added to the same base, consisting of water, eggs, sugar, yeast, butter and flour.

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de May de 2019

Mallorca holidays? Here are all the tips you’ll need!

Are you thinking of organising Mallorca holidays? First things first…

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de May de 2019

Calling all cyclists! Sa Calobra, Mallorca’s most adventurous cycling route

Sa Calobra is one of the exquisite gems tucked away in the north east of Mallorca. Located in the peerless Sierra de Tramontana, it consists of an impressive pair of beaches separated by the Torrent de Pareis ravine. Apart from its beauty, another of its characteristics is the fact that getting to Sa Calobra is by no means easy rather the...

Elisabeth Blue | 23 de May de 2019

Discover Banyalbufar, the little-known corner of Mallorca

The Sierra de Tramuntana, an extraordinary natural landscape that runs like a backbone through the north of Mallorca, is crammed with surprises and breath-taking places awaiting to be discovered, so many that one can never know them all. One of these little gems is Banyalbufar, a rural place that is small but has plenty to see. Located on the...

Elisabeth Blue | 21 de May de 2019

Majorca holidays: the best dates for visiting paradise

You’re absolutely sure. Mallorca is an island for visiting all year round: crystal-clear waters, walking, the finest Mallorca restaurants… a heady cocktail designed just for you! If you’re coming with kids, or with friends to play sport, or in romantic or relaxation mode, there’s an ideal time for discovering paradise. Take a look at your dates...

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de May de 2019

Come and discover Puig Major, the highest peak on the island of Mallorca

Puig Major is the highest point not only on Mallorca but all the Balearic Islands. Visiting is an enormous pleasure owing to beauty of the landscapes that surround it, such as Sa Coma Fosca and Morro d’en Pelut, and the enchanting composition conferred by the peak itself and the lesser summits that accompany it: the Penyal des Migdia and the ...

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de May de 2019

Celebrate Family Day with our Balneum Spa treatments

May the 15th is celebrated throughout Spain as Family Day. The family is one of the main pillars of society; it’s the key to children's upbringing and personality formation from the day they are born until they grow up. It is therefore very important to celebrate this day and raise awareness that promoting family ties creates a stronger...

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de May de 2019

Take part in Ironman 70.3 Mallorca on 11 May!

On 11 May one of the most eagerly-awaited challenges for triathletes anywhere in the world will take place in Mallorca Ironman 70.3!

Elisabeth Muehlfeld | 8 de May de 2019

Book your golf experience at Hotels VIVA

If you’re passionate about golf or you just fancy giving it a go, hats off to you: you’ve chosen a very complete sport that’s topped off with elegance and glamour, both of which make it unique.

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de April de 2019

10 books for celebrating Sant Jordi’s Day in style

23 April is approaching, the Day of Sant Jordi, and with it the cherished Catalan tradition of giving a rose and a book.

Elisabeth Blue | 23 de April de 2019

Cycling holidays: Happy Bicycle Day, cyclists!

Are you looking for Cycling Holidays? 19 April is celebrated all over the world as Bicycle Day, designed as a homage and tribute to an economical and environmentally-friendly mode of transport that benefits us all. This begins with ourselves, given that cycling provides first-rate cardiovascular exercise, and encompasses the whole of society...

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de April de 2019

Alcudia Beach: The best beach in Mallorca for kids!

Located next to the port of Alcudia, right next to this town in the north of Mallorca, Alcudia Beach has long been considered one of Mallorca’s best beaches, proudly flying its blue flag for many years.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de April de 2019

Adults Only Hotels: Celebrate International Kissing Day with us!

Did you know that on one day of the year one of the most significant, romantic and meaningful gestures for human beings is commemorated and celebrated? We’re referring to the kiss. And the day in question is just around the corner: 13 April.

International Kissing Day pays homage to an event that is curious to say the least: a kiss that lasted...

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de April de 2019

Where to go on holiday at easter? Majorca is ideal

With summer still a little way off, the prospect of Easter holidays is like a small reward that we’ve undoubtedly earned. Although usually shorter in duration than its summer counterpart, the Easter break can be a perfect opportunity for discovering places in a way that avoids the summer bustle: in a calmer, less crowded atmosphere.

Elisabeth Blue | 10 de April de 2019

Hotels VIVA signs up to World Health Day

7 April is World Health Day, held to commemorate the founding of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1948. The day is used as an opportunity to organise conferences, talks and a host of other events; governments, the relevant institutions and society as a whole are invited to foster, promote and raise awareness of health.

Elisabeth Blue | 4 de April de 2019

Turn on your slow life mode at the Predi Son Jaumell rural hotel

Slow life is a cultural trend that focuses on a new approach to life, characterised by the deceleration of our daily routines, normally subject to the frantic pace imposed by the workplace, studies and other responsibilities.

Elisabeth Blue | 2 de April de 2019

Hotel Predi Son Jaumell: The best rural hotel in Mallorca

Spending a few days on holiday at a rural hotel is the best way to completely disconnect yourself from the stress of urban environments, get some fresh air and enjoy a different type of tourism, where direct contact with nature and the recovery of the traditional ways of life play a big part.

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de March de 2019

Download the best Mallorca cycling routes

Mallorca is perfect for cycling and at Hotels VIVA, we’re backing this sport and make it easy for you to enjoy enviable surroundings on two wheels, whether you’re a professional or an amateur.

Elisabeth Blue | 26 de March de 2019

Travel in Mallorca: That’s spring in Mallorca!

Travelling Mallorca in spring is an excellent idea, as you can enjoy good weather without having to tackle the crowds of people who flock to the top tourist spots during the summer months. Also, nature is in all its glory, with exceptionally colourful and beautiful landscapes.

Elisabeth Blue | 21 de March de 2019

Mizu: One of the best restaurants in Palma de Mallorca

At Vanity Suite & Spa by VIVA, we’ve launched a new Asian restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Palma de Mallorca, which fuses the best of the varied, healthy and exceptional Asian cuisine, offering up the most exotic flavours.

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de March de 2019

Happy Father's Day! Our family hotels are the best gift

Happy Father's Day! Being a dad is one of the best experiences you can have in life. Kids change your world and without them things wouldn't be the same. Thanks to them, you're a father and you have much to celebrate! But being a dad also takes a lot of energy that sometimes leaves you exhausted by the end of the day.

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de March de 2019

Family holidays: Bufo is the favourite mascot of Hotels VIVA

Being on holiday with children is a sure-fire way for grown-ups to have fun too, because little ones have the knack of infecting parents and relatives with their desire to enjoy everything to the utmost! And this helps you make the most even of small things and live in the moment.

Elisabeth Blue | 12 de March de 2019

Hotels VIVA: Carolina Routier, triathlon champion

Carolina Routier is Spain's top female triathlete. She has been champion of none other than: Spain sub-23 (Olympic distance), Sprint Elite and Spanish aquathlon champion (sub-23 and Elite) in 2011. Her lengthy stays at our Hotel VIVA Blue & Spa for training make her one of our valued regulars We'd like to share some of her experiences with you:

Elisabeth Blue | 7 de March de 2019

We interview Aina Martínez, Sports Manager at VIVA Blue and Spa

Sports Manager Aina is a triathlete and personal advisor for athletes and groups staying at Hotels VIVA specifically those at our Hotel VIVA Blue & Spa. As a keen amateur, she knows first-hand every corner of the island, and advises our guests on the best cycling routes , mountain biking and triathlon training. Aina is always on-hand if a guest...

Elisabeth Blue | 6 de March de 2019

10 cool costume ideas. VIVA Carnival!

Carnival is the festival of colour, fun, parades and bands. And that means one thing for groups and families: guaranteed fun! But around this time each year we have that big question to answer: what are we going to dress up as?

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de February de 2019

Hotels with jacuzzi in room in Majorca

A hotel room with its own private jacuzzi is a true luxury, and is found only in certain suites at some of Mallorca's best hotels. In this article we take you on a tour of the best rooms on the island, where you can bathe in a jacuzzi or hot tub from the privacy and intimacy of your room.

Elisabeth Blue | 26 de February de 2019

VIVA Hotels: 5 Exclusive Spa Treatments

Staying in a spa hotel means sinking into a world of well being and focusing on the total and complete care of your mind and body. The range of possible spa treatments is constantly expanding and now goes far beyond just water circuits. So, at Hotels VIVA, we offer a Balneum & Spa Wellness service that is exclusively dedicated to taking care of...

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de February de 2019

We bring you the latest updates from VIVA Suite & Spa adults only +16

At Hotels VIVA we always want to go that little bit further. This year, our Hotel Vanity Suite and Spa has loads of updates and we’re here to tell you all about them!

 Are you ready for start your most relaxing holidays?

Elisabeth Blue | 15 de February de 2019

Are you looking for an all-inclusive hotels in Majorca?

You’ll get to the hotel and be able enjoy all the facilities: restaurants, bars, swimming pools, gyms, entertaining activities and much more, without having to worry about anything but relaxing and enjoying your stay. This is the soul of all-inclusive hotels in Majorca. They’re practical and comfortable, which is why they’re getting more and...

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de February de 2019

The must-do day trips in Mallorca!

Mallorca Trip. Cala Mesquida – Cala Torta – Cala Mitjana – Torre d’Aubarca

Starting at the stunning beach of Cala Mesquida, just a few metres from Hotels VIVA Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa and Vanity Suite & Spa, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful trip around the Mallorca coastline easy difficulty level with stunning landscapes. It’s an easy...

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de February de 2019

Holidays with children: Recommendations to have a great time

Travelling with children means plenty of laughter and a great atmosphere. Children are experts at making sure adults have a fantastic time. They are sure-fire fun! The thing though when going on holiday with children, you need to adapt to them a bit, to their tastes and their priorities.

Elisabeth Blue | 12 de February de 2019

Relaxing holidays: A weekend of relaxation and pure romance!

Hotels for adults are becoming more popular, as they offer an experience based around exclusivity, quality of services and attention to detail that is not found in all hotels. They are usually focused around the idea of spending a few days taking advantage of relaxing holidays, enjoying select cuisine and wellness services: massages, beauty...

Elisabeth Blue | 7 de February de 2019

The 5 best cycling routes in Cala Mesquida

The island of Mallorca has all the best ingredients needed to put together any dish to satisfy the most gourmet of cycling palates. A magnificent climate, dreamy sea views and mountain landscapes that can be crossed via the more than 1200km of secondary roads that are totally suitable and ready for cycling on all of this, and more, make it the...

Elisabeth Blue | 4 de February de 2019

One goes up, another one goes down

Barquero, with bruises all over his body, writes from Kathmandu’s airport on his way back to Majorca. His skin shows the fire and ice engraved scars the mountain has given him. He finds deeper and more intense marks than he would have expected in his mind and in his heart. He feels like a new man.

admin | 3 de February de 2019

VIVA Blue & Spa: The hotel for starting your mallorca triathlon season

If you love the beach, playing sport and into triathlons in Majorca, and you love nature, then Hotel  VIVA Blue & Spa is the place for you. It has great facilities that have been designed with the keenest of sportspeople in mind. And with its fantastic location next to S’Albufera Natural Park - which UNESCO has declared of national interest -...

Elisabeth Blue | 29 de January de 2019

Mallorca hotels: The journey to excellence

For the 20 years that the company has existed, Hotels VIVA has been convinced that a hotel chain's number one asset is the excellent service it delivers to its guests and partners. Our commitment, professionalism and services has increased year upon year, thanks to the team of incredible men and women who have made the chain's success possible...

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de January de 2019

More smiles than tears

Feelings get triggered. Conquering the summit gives José Manuel great excitement and brings out he child we all have in us. The harshness of the mountain makes him think about how hard life is and this thought gets him closer to the most vulnerable in this part of the planet: children.

admin | 26 de January de 2019


The mountain, the cold and the wind are against Barquero. He is about to give up. It seems the odds are against his reaching summit. Failure is not in his plans. He is not going to throw in the towel. Only a few metres left, the wind paralises him, his body is blocked, but his mind and his passion give him wings and he advances a little bit...

admin | 18 de January de 2019

Holidays to Mallorca: Our new deals VIVA 2019!

If you have been dreaming of holidays to Mallorca for days: family holidays, friends, relaxing holidays or getting exercise (swimming, triathlon, tennis, cycling) you are going to love our plans for 2019. Our hotels with slides are perfect for kids and, together with our sports facilities, great food and continuous improvements, you are sure to...

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de January de 2019

Plan your 2019 Mallorca triathlon season!

Triathlon is synonymous with toughness and sacrifice, with a very demanding and comprehensive discipline. It consists in swimming 1,500 metres, cycling 40 kilometres and running 10 kilometres. If the mere description already sounds hard, imagine actually doing it, and, harder still, finishing with good times and scores. It’s quite the challenge!

Elisabeth Blue | 15 de January de 2019


We have gone down to Base camp for the second-last time. We will try to recover some energy before the last attack to the Himlung’s summit. We are waiting for the weather forecast, which comes from Kathmandu, to make sure the weather will be good enough. We will have to stay here for two more days at least. Maybe three. They seem way too long...

admin | 11 de January de 2019

Happy night of Kings!

In Spain, it is tradition since the nineteenth century, that the night of January 5 is expected the arrival of the three kings of Orient, who arrive with gifts for everyone. Like St. Nicholas or Santa Claus, “La noche de Reyes” is filled with magic and hope. So don't misbehave or they will give you coal! ;)

Elisabeth Blue | 2 de January de 2019

Golf holidays: Top tips for a golfing mini-break on Mallorca

If you’re a confirmed golfer, you’ll be delighted to know that Mallorca boasts no fewer than 22 first-class Mallorca golf courses. 300 days of sunshine per year, state of the art courses and a uniquely idyllic setting are the powerful reasons underpinning the fact that the island is the preferred destination of golfers from around the world....

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de December de 2018

10 tips for enjoying a wonderful sports holiday in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca is one of the top destinations to visit for sports holidays. And it’s no wonder: the climate, the water (perfect for doing water sports), the roads and trails for cycling and hiking, etc. There are many reasons why Mallorca is a top destination for athletes!

Elisabeth Blue | 24 de December de 2018


Who has never had doubts? Who has never thought about running away? Throwing the towel is an option or, is it not? Our mountaineer suffers the consequences of mental and physical exhaustion, the consequences of climbing HImlung Himal. Will he surrender? It´s colder every day and he feels weaker and weaker, but there is a trigger which works for...

admin | 21 de December de 2018

This year, people who book early get a reward!

Are you one of those people who always get to places on time? Do you like to plan your holidays in advance? Do you scour for bargains to make sure you always get the best price to be able to brag to your friends?

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de December de 2018

Mallorca cycling routes that you can not miss

Did you know that Mallorca is one of the most recognized destinations in the world of cycling to practice this fascinating sport on two wheels? Athletes from all over the world appreciate the excellent Mallorca cycling routes. And it doesn’t surprise us!

Elisabeth Blue | 14 de December de 2018

The Reunion

Himlung Himal is not an unknown mountain to Barquero. They were face to face five years back and at that very moment, José Manuel knew he would stand before her and reach her summit. That time had come. The desired mountain shows herself as distant, elegant and arrogant as an unconquerable woman, as a challenge which has more to do with the...

admin | 13 de December de 2018

Win over your partner through their taste buds with this gourmet guide!

Christmas is the perfect time for us to relax, rest up and take advantage of spending time with our loved ones. It's a special time, full of magic and excitement where food is key: the year is celebrated at the table, and if not then it's just not the same.

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de December de 2018

24 days, 24 gifts: Start the VIVA Christmas Season!

Christmas is now just around the corner! At Hotels VIVA, we couldn't be more excited since this time of year is full of magic, gatherings and, above all, loads of surprises.

Elisabeth Blue | 5 de December de 2018

Triathlon Mallorca: Mallorca is for triathletes!

The triathlon is one of the most complete sports in existence, since it combines three disciplines as hard as swimming, cycling and running. Specifically, this Olympic sport's official competitions are: 1500 metres swimming, 40 kilometres cycling and a 10-kilometre run.

Elisabeth Blue | 29 de November de 2018

The magical power of VIVA hotels

The energy saving mode is activated every time a guest walks into our spa. The same thing happens when they switch on the jacuzzi on their private terrace, or when children play in our heated pools or enjoy the pleasant, comfortable temperature in our rooms at the cooler times of year. Our showers  which are so restorative after a day on the...

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de November de 2018

Gastronomic experience at VIVA Suite & Spa adults only +16

Gastronomic tourism is gaining ground! Spanish and in particular Mediterranean cuisine is an artform.

Elisabeth Blue | 27 de November de 2018

Breathing at 7,000 metres high

Climbing up a 7,000-metre-high mountain is not a piece of cake. Body and mind need to acclimate.That´s what experts in climbing call it. Acclimating is telling your body and your mind that they are going to suffer because there will be less oxygen each metre you climb up and it will be exhausting. They are also going to suffer as temperature...

admin | 22 de November de 2018

Majorca Holidays: Discover the autumnal colours and light in Mallorca

In autumn, Mallorca offers an incredible setting: less busy so you can do sports, wander along the beach, discover stunning routes or just enjoy its landscapes. It’s the perfect time of year to visit all the little coastal or inland towns and enjoy its wide gastronomic offering. What’s a relaxing holiday without pampering yourself a little bit?...

Elisabeth Blue | 22 de November de 2018

Let us show you the secrets of Cala Mesquida!

Mallorca is breathtaking. The abrupt inland landscapes stand in utter contrast to the crystal-clear waters of its beaches and coves, which are year-round attractions regardless of the season, offering as they do a combination of unspoilt nature, relaxation and an endless list of ways of keeping yourself fit. Today we’re recommending Cala...

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de November de 2018

Travel around cycling in Mallorca: The best routes!

The various cycling in Majorca related sporting events Mallorca have caused an increase in the amount of cyclists on the island. Despite no official statistics on it, newspapers in the area estimate that Mallorca attracts around 150,000 cycling tourists a year. Then there's the fact that nearly half of the 1,250 km of roads are suitable for ...

Elisabeth Blue | 15 de November de 2018

The world fits into a crayon

Travelling opens your mind and your heart. Going away from what is familiar to you turns your daily life into an ongoing surprise. Our traveller goes through valleys and winding paths which take him away from the Western civilization and throw him into an unknown and modest rural world.

admin | 13 de November de 2018

Food tour Mallorca: Get your boots on!

The sea, relaxation, water sports... and cuisine. Mallorcan cuisine stands for tradition and variety, due to its fish, seafood, and produce in particular, so we're going to give you some interesting culinary routes you won't want to miss out on. From Mallorca's cuisine to the restaurants featuring food from the different cultures living on the...

Elisabeth Blue | 12 de November de 2018

Cycling bars in Mallorca: sport, stops and talk

In certain places, such as Mallorca, the number of cyclists has greatly increased. Cycling lets you do sport while seeing the amazing things the island has to offer, which makes it a sport with lots of advantages.

Elisabeth Blue | 6 de November de 2018

The best beaches in Mallorca you just can’t miss out on

Mallorca is synonymous of the sea breeze, the port, and of course the beach. Choosing which the best beaches in Majorca is most definitely not an easy task, as there are so many of them and the great thing is, the majority are stunning. Crystal-clear water, dreamy coves and endless services. Make a note of our selection and enjoy!

Elisabeth Blue | 31 de October de 2018

Mingma's Smile

Barquero will reach the summit in a few weeks. He will have climbed 7,126 metres, but he won’t have been on his own. This adventure implies a huge team effort, a bunch of talented people working together and willingness to overcome the most unfavourable conditions with the aim of achieving what his passion leads him towards, what his heart...

Magdalena Figuerola | 30 de October de 2018

Take it easy this weekend at a hotel with spa

Since the dawn of time human beings have found themselves uncontrollably drawn to the joy of relaxing and medicinal baths. In classic civilisations, such as ancient Rome, Greece as well as in Arabic culture thermal baths and saunas were the key place to relax, meditate and even forge political alliances and build sprawling businesses.

Elisabeth Blue | 26 de October de 2018

The most extreme sports Mallorca that you can do it

Mallorca Extreme sports have become very popular over the last few years and more and more people love them and become “hooked” on these kinds of activities. These sports can’t be done just anywhere as they need the right natural conditions. That’s where the Island of Mallorcais a great contender, as its geographical features and numerous...

Elisabeth Blue | 25 de October de 2018

Grab your golf clubs! We’ll show you all the Mallorca golf courses

Are you interested in a sport where you can strengthen your muscles in your arms, legs, back, chest and abs, combat stress and improve your flexibility without needing to be in shape? Golf in Mallorca is perfect for this and much more. It’s a fantastic sport for improving skills such as aim, balance and even analytical and strategic thinking.

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de October de 2018


Person who lives life intensely -in a conscious and responsible way- and who shares his passion for life with others.”

These are times to reach out to others through oneself. We want to live each second intensely and share our life with the world. We want to go one step beyond, do something crazy, take on new challenges and get involved in...

Magdalena Figuerola | 18 de October de 2018

Adult only hotels: the best option for a weekend getaway

Adult-only hotels are the choice for couples wanting to escape from daily grind and enjoy a weekend of relaxation and personal care. To sleep well, relax in luxury and eat like a king are what these customers live by. 

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de October de 2018

Mallorca Hotels: Halloween arrives at Hotels VIVA!

Halloween is already here!

Elisabeth Blue | 9 de October de 2018

The most instagrammable spots, what to see in Mallorca

There are beautiful spots worthy of holding onto forever on Instagram and other social networks, everywhere. However, it’s as though Mallorca was created exclusively to show off photos on social media. Why? Well, because in just a few days, this island will allow you to take photos of some of its very diverse characteristics: the best coves,...

Elisabeth Blue | 6 de October de 2018

Cardioprotected spaces: a commintment that saves lives

Cardiorespiratory arrest is the main cause of death in Spain and the rest of Europe. Concern for the wellness and health of those who choose to stay at Hotels VIVA encouraged us to ensure our spaces were cardiac-healthy and cardio protected in 2011. Speed is critical when it comes to resuscitating a patient in cardiorespiratory arrest, that’s...

Elisabeth Blue | 4 de October de 2018

Our awards! The best reward! THANK YOU!

This year has been fantastic for Hotels VIVA and that’s thanks to all of you. That’s why we want you to be a part of all the awards we’ve been presented, as after all, it wouldn’t be the same without you!

Elisabeth Blue | 2 de October de 2018

Sunset Mallorca: Where to watch the sunset in Mallorca

A beer, the sunset and your feet in the water! How about some olives or a freshly-squeezed juice? Are you feeling it? If you’re imagining yourself watching the sunset, feeling full of life and having a great time on holiday, we’ll let you know where you can watch the Sunset in Mallorca.

Elisabeth Blue | 21 de September de 2018

Excursions Mallorca: A route around Mallorca´s charming towns

We’ve got a game that we’re sure you’ll always win…sounds good, doesn’t it? Six  towns in Mallorca, as many faces as there are on a dice. Roll it! Let luck choose your next destination and head out on an adventure and discover the island of peace and calm!

Elisabeth Blue | 19 de September de 2018

Theme Parks and much more. Majorca with kids

The island of Mallorca is often associated with peace and relaxation, something that’s guaranteed thanks to its calm coves and natural landscapes. However, if your kids are full of beans, this island is perfect for them, too. Thanks to its theme parks, holidays with kids on the Island can be just like a ride on a rollercoaster: surprises, fun...

Elisabeth Blue | 17 de September de 2018

⛳Golf Mallorca: What do i need in order to play golf?🏌‍♂

We’re sure you will have heard about the benefits of golf, especially its ability to get you to relax and eliminate or reduce stress. This information may have got you thinking and made you curious or interested in starting to play golf in Mallorca.

If that sounds about right, this article will definitely be of interest to you, as we’re going...

Elisabeth Blue | 11 de September de 2018

Hotel VIVA Blue: The best Mallorca triathlon hotel

The triathlete is considered the most complete athlete and with good reason, as they have to master three tough and very varied disciplines: swimming, cycling and running.

To be a good triathlon competitor you must demonstrate special skills in all three: running, cycling and swimming. It requires resistance, great physical shape and perfect...

Elisabeth Blue | 6 de September de 2018

Hotels VIVA: The best cycling hotel of Mallorca

It might not be what it’s best known for, but Mallorca is a paradise for cycling lovers, both amateur and professional. On the one hand, one of the best ways of exploring the island is to immerse yourself in its settings on two wheels. On the other hand, in Mallorca exist the best cycling hotel Mallorca , where lovers of this sport, whether...

Elisabeth Blue | 4 de September de 2018

The best Mallorca golf courses

There are increasingly more golfers in the world, which has influenced more interest in combining holidays with this stylish sport. This is perfectly understandable given that one of the benefits of golf, although not the only one, as you’ll find out later on, is its ability to get us to relax and combat stress. Mallorca is also top on the list...

Elisabeth Blue | 30 de August de 2018

Cycling Holiday: cycle tourism around Mallorca

Spending the cycling holiday is both a healthy and fun way of going beyond the typical activities you’ll find in the traditional tourist circuits. You’ll also be able to discover the places you visit in a different way, searching for a deep connection with the landscape and nature.

Elisabeth Blue | 28 de August de 2018

The best food in Mallorca

When we travel for pleasure, we want to stimulate all senses and it’s without a doubt that one of them is taste. The best way of satisfying this is with excellent cuisine. In this sense, the best food in Mallorca will not disappoint, as its offer is not only excellent but also varied and healthy… what more could you ask for?

Elisabeth Blue | 23 de August de 2018

20 best beaches in Majorca

There are so many beaches in Mallorca and both their beauty and incredible environmental value make it difficult to choose the best ones. However, based on criteria such as the quality of the water and the sand, landscape, variety of marine wildlife among others, we’ve managed to select those which, in our opinion, are the 20 best beaches in ...

Elisabeth Blue | 20 de August de 2018

Surprise your partner with a Vanity hotel suite & spa by VIVA

A romantic dinner at an exceptional adults only hotel located in one of the most peaceful and beautiful areas in Mallorca: Cala Mesquida. It has a very relaxed and exclusive atmosphere and unbeatable value for money. This is our style – Vanity style.

Elisabeth Blue | 16 de August de 2018



When the sun goes down on Mallorca the sky...


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Mallorca is one of the world’s most attractive...


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The world has changed - that’s a fact. And...

Mallorca’s hidden...

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