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Trekking is a sport that embraces everyone, a healthy way of practising sport that does not demand excessive physical effort and allows you to enjoy nature with all your senses.

Majorca has several routes, two of them considered the best in Spain. The set of geological features consisting of mountain, plain and the sea surrounding the island is the dream setting to go for walks along the roads and paths of “the island of calm”.

Go for strolls with your family, enjoy the chalky relief and the open sea or discover small springs. These are some of the small details that allow you to become captivated by nature, ensuring that you will find the route that will suit your taste.


For further information, please contact us at comercial@hotelsviva.com

Routes through Majorca

  • Satellite
  • Map

Our routes
  • Interesting links

    http://Gr221.info  has all the information about the GR221 route in Majorca.


    www.wikiloc.com online community to share GPS routes.


    http://www.conselldemallorca.net/index.php?id_section=3198&id_parent=491&id_class=2992 official website to check for routes and shelters.

    http://ideib.caib.es/visualitzador/visor.jsp online maps of Majorca.

    http://www.consorcidetransports.org/web/ctm/inici public transport in the Balearic Islands.

  • Advice for the good trekker

    1.    Before setting out, find out about the route, level of difficulty, distance, etc., and choose a hike according to your fitness level.
    2.    Check daylight hours and the weather.
    3.    Wear clothes suitable for the time of year; footwear is particularly important.
    4.    Try to carry a small first aid kit. When it’s sunny, protect yourself with sunscreen and a hat.
    5.    We recommend always to carry a map (related to the hike) and a source of light.
    6.    The mobile phone is a useful tool, but there might be areas with no coverage, so it’s advisable to let someone else know the route you are going to follow.
    7.    On roads it is compulsory to walk against the direction of the traffic and in a single file. The use of a high visibility garment is recommended.
    8.    Stock up on food and water. (Do not rely on springs, since they may be dry or the water be non-drinkable).
    9.    Respect fauna and flora. If you come to a gate, leave it closed; do not leave the marked route.
    10.    If you take any animals, they must be kept on a leash at all times. If you come across a herd of sheep, goats, cows, etc., keep at a distance and let the animals set the pace.
    11.    Respect private property.
    12.    Do not litter among nature; make sure you don’t cause unnecesary noise pollution.
    13.    Be especially careful with fire. From May to October it is strictly forbidden to light a fire. Causing a fire is a criminal offence.

  • Services at the hotels

    Balneum Spa & Wellness Centre: the Balneum facilities are adapted to the needs of sportspeople, with water circuits that massage the body. If your feet have taken too much strain, don’t hesitate to try our chiropody treatments.

    Nutrition: grilled meats and fish, great variety of vegetables, carbohydrates, fruits, etc. are part of the special buffet for sportspeople. If you are having a day out, you can also request our picnic for athletes.

    Gym: with aerobic, cardiovascular and fitness machines.  A perfect supplement to strengthen your muscles or undergo recovery sessions.

    Storage areas: at our sports hotels we have several storage areas for sports equipment, to guarantee maximum comfort in your room.