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Discover the best beaches and coves close to Ciutadella

A few minutes away from Ciutadella you can find endless white sand beaches or small, secluded and solitary coves. Activities for children and adults, with restaurants and leisure areas, or quiet zones to get lost on virgin and deserted beaches.

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  • Cala Blanca

    A U-shaped small secluded beach, it stands out because of its closeness to the Perella Caves, which feature stalactites, stalagmites and an interior lake.

  • Cala Carbó

    A pebbled, unspoilt, uncatalogued beach, sheltered by the Punta Rotja and Cape Ferro, and shaped like a warrior’s head.

  • Cala des Degollador or large beach

    Integrated into the urban landscape of Ciudatella, with Sant Nicolau Castle at its side.

  • Cala en Blanes

    A medium-sized beach surrounded by vegetation and craggy terrain.

  • Cala’n Bosch

    This beach with fine, white sand, and waters that allow a clear view of the seabed, lies among low cliffs.

  • Cala en Brut

    A V-shaped cove frequented by the locals, with a seabed that attracts scuba diving enthusiasts.

  • Cala en Forcat

    A winding sea inlet that flows into a small sandy area with sparse vegetation.

  • Cala en Turqueta

    Its name recalls the fact that it was the entry point for Turkish pirates; surrounded by pines, with dream waters and white sand.

  • Cala Morell

    An L-shaped beach which alternates pebbles and sand, among medium height cliffs.

  • Cala Pilar

    An unspoilt and solitary cove; at its back there is a freshwater spring.

  • Cales Morts

    A sea inlet over pebbles, surrounded by medium height cliffs.

  • Cales Piques

    Characterized by the long sea inlet entering the land up to the small sandbank.

  • Cales Pous

    A pebbled beach with a dream underwater landscape for scuba diving enthusiasts.

  • Caleta d’en Gorries or Sa Caleta

    A small sandy cove with crystal-clear waters, very close to the Castellar watchtower.

  • Macarella Beach

    An unspoilt, isolated beach, considered one of the most beautiful in Minorca: turquoise waters, white sands and a spectacular seabed.

  • Macarelleta Beach

    Macarella’s “baby sister” and very similar to it: dream waters washing a fine sandy beach surrounded by a pine forest.

  • Cala Santandria

    Medium sized sand bed washed by crystal-clear waters. This cove is notable for having Pretalayotic caves nearby.

  • Des Banyuls Beach or Ponent de l’Arenal de Son Saura Beach

    The calm waters that wash the unspoilt sands of des Banyuls are overlooked by d’Artrutx Watchtower and sheltered from the wind.

  • Des Bot Beach

    An isolated corner of calm waters that allow the seabed to be visible; the fine white sand is surrounded by a pine forest.

  • Ses Fontanelles Beach

    A small pebbled beach, surrounded by a terrain with plenty of craggy caves among the rocks.

  • Son Xoriguer Beach

    The beach alternates between small sand banks and rocks, forming a shell shape together with the sea.

  • Playa de Son Xoriguer

    La playa alterna pequeños bancos de arena y rocas dibujando una concha en su relieve junto al mar.

  • Des Talaier Beach

    An unspoilt corner where colours merge in perfect harmony: the turquoise of the sea, the ivory white of the sand, the green of the pine forest and the clean blue of the sky; a piece of paradise.

  • Des Tancats Beach

    A beach with waters that allow a clear view of the seabed, framed by a fantastic mountainous area, declared Natural Area of Special Interest and Bird Protection Area.